Top LL.M. Programs for Banking/Finance/Securities Law 2018

Thinking about doing an LL.M. in Banking or Finance Law? Many are, since the world’s banking, finance, and securities sectors—not to mention related industries—are huge, highly regulated, and constantly evolving. Because of the size and dynamic nature of these industries, the laws that govern them are often highly complex, which means that lawyers skilled in these areas can be in high demand. That's why the best Banking & Finance LL.M.s leverage up-to-date research in the fields, which may be produced by research centers that are hosted by law schools. These LL.M. programs will cover a range of financial topics, ranging from financial law to corporate law, and may address issues like central banks, mergers and acquisitions, and bankruptcy, among others. Some programs may also delve into subjects like corporate finance, international banking, and economics. 

An LL.M. program in Banking/Finance/Securities Law can prepare grads for a variety of positions in the financial sector: some LL.M.s go on to work for law firms representing financial services companies; others go on to help individuals or corporations navigate the complex web of contracts and regulations. Additionally, an LL.M. in Banking or Finance can help for those looking to land a job as in-house counsel at a bank or another financial services firm, or even in a regulatory body.

See the top 10 Banking & Finance LL.M. programs below.

New York City, New York 1138 Followers 961 Discussions

In 2011, the school’s Center on Global Legal Transformation launched the unique Global Finance and Law Initiative, which has produced a range of research looking at the ramifications of the Global Financial Crisis and how it has affected the legal world. Although the school does not offer a specialized LL.M. in Finance, that hasn’t dissuaded graduate from pursuing careers the field: according to research done by LLM GUIDE, the school has the most LL.M. alumni working in the Banking/Finance/Securities Law fields at top law firms of any school surveyed.

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New York City, New York 1733 Followers 1497 Discussions

NYU Law’s Center for Financial Institutions studies is perhaps the world’s foremost research study looking at central banks. The school’s proximity to Wall Street puts LL.M. students within reach of some of the world’s largest financial firms. Although the school does not offer a specialized LL.M. in Finance / Banking Law, students can choose from a range of relevant courses. Some finance-minded students opt to pursue the school's LL.M. in Corporation Law.

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London, United Kingdom 582 Followers 857 Discussions

The school’s Law and Financial Markets Project puts on events and publishes a range of research in financial law and regulation. Students interested in the field can pursue LSE’s LL.M. in Banking Law and Financial Regulation and take advantage of its London location. According to research done by LLM GUIDE, of all the UK law schools, LSE has the most LL.M. grads working in Banking/Finance/Securities Law at top law firms.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 950 Followers 841 Discussions

Harvard Law faculty members have done a substantial amount of research in the area of finance law. The school’s Program on International Financial Systems, founded in 1986, looks at various topics in the field, including international finance, capital markets, financial regulation. Students interested in finance law can pursue Harvard’s LL.M. concentration in Corporate Law, Finance and Governance.

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London, United Kingdom 653 Followers 864 Discussions

KCL’s International Finance Law LL.M. program examines various topics in global financial markets. The school’s faculty publish substantial research in finance law, and KCL’s London location puts LL.M. students right at the heart of one of the world’s biggest financial centers.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany 154 Followers 97 Discussions

Germany’s Institute for Law and Finance, established in 2002 by Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, publishes relevant research and puts on various events. It also runs an LL.M. Finance program, during which students can get hands-on experience during an internship. The school’s Frankfurt location mean that LL.M. students can study in one of Europe’s biggest financial centers.

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Washington, District of Columbia 322 Followers 317 Discussions
George Washington

Home to organizations like the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Washington, Washington DC is an ideal destination for LL.M. students who are interested in studying the interface between finance and regulatory policy. Washington, DC is also home to George Washington University Law School, which offers an LL.M. in Business and Finance Law. The LL.M. leverages insights from the George Washington’s Center for Law, Economics & Finance think tank.

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Boston, Massachusetts 291 Followers 330 Discussions
BU Law

BU’s LL.M. in Banking and Financial Law prepares students for the complex needs of financial services clients. Beyond an array of relevant curriculum, the LL.M. also offers students to get hands-on experience through an internship with a financial institution, law firm, government agency, or nonprofit. BU also hosts the Center for Finance, Law & Policy, which publishes relevant research and puts on events.

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Singapore, Singapore 213 Followers 211 Discussions

NUS’ LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Services Law allows students to study finance law in one of Asia’s biggest financial centers. The school also sports a specialized research hub—the Centre for Banking & Finance Law—which was launched in 2014.

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London, United Kingdom 735 Followers 778 Discussions

QMUL offers a variety of relevant programs, including an LL.M. in Banking and Finance Law as well as an MSc in Law and Finance. The school’s related research bodies—the Banking and Finance Law group and the Institute of Global Law, Economics and Finance—have published an array of research into topics such as the global financial crisis.

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More LL.M. Programs in Banking / Finance Law

Oxford, United Kingdom 665 Followers 771 Discussions
Washington, District of Columbia 881 Followers 877 Discussions
London, United Kingdom 493 Followers 854 Discussions
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 693 Followers 456 Discussions
Stanford, California 630 Followers 376 Discussions
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 327 Followers 451 Discussions
London, United Kingdom 153 Followers 148 Discussions
Toronto, Canada 133 Followers 61 Discussions
Manchester, United Kingdom 108 Followers 173 Discussions
New York City, New York 275 Followers 220 Discussions

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