Top 10 Most Popular LL.M. Programs Worldwide

Pursuing a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from a renowned institution has become a hallmark of ambition and commitment for practising attorneys. But which are the most sought-after programs on the international stage?

From the hallowed halls of Ivy League institutions to the historic campuses of esteemed European universities, we uncover the 10 most popular LL.M. programs, and also unravel the unique attributes and offerings that propel these programs to the zenith of legal academia.

To determine the popularity and reputation of LL.M. programs, we evaluated factors such as academic reputation within the legal community, the employability of graduates in prestigious positions, the program’s global appeal in attracting diverse students and faculty, the quality and breadth of the curriculum, the availability of research resources and opportunities, the strength of the alumni network, official rankings and accreditations, and the provision of practical experiences through internships and externships.

These factors collectively gauge the LL.M. programs’ excellence, shaping its standing in the eyes of students, employers and academics.

Cambridge, Massachusetts 1268 Followers 924 Discussions

Renowned for its academic rigor and extensive resources, Harvard Law School offers a diverse range of courses and opportunities for research, including its Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. Its faculty includes leading scholars in various legal fields, and the school's prestigious alumni network spans the globe.

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New Haven, Connecticut 371 Followers 382 Discussions

Yale Law School is known for its small class sizes, fostering close interactions between students and faculty. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary studies, public interest law, and a commitment to social justice. Its strong human rights and constitutional law programs are particularly notable.

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Stanford, California 864 Followers 414 Discussions

Stanford Law School is renowned for its innovative approach to legal education, with a focus on practical skills and experiential learning. The program benefits from Stanford's proximity to Silicon Valley, offering unique opportunities in technology and entrepreneurship law.

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Oxford, United Kingdom 896 Followers 864 Discussions

The University of Oxford offers a prestigious LL.M. program that provides a strong foundation in legal theory and research. Oxford's rich academic environment and historic reputation contribute to its appeal, and students benefit from interaction with leading legal scholars across diciplines. 

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Cambridge, United Kingdom 863 Followers 777 Discussions

Cambridge's LL.M. program offers flexibility in designing a personalized curriculum, allowing students to explore their areas of interest. The program's emphasis on critical thinking and independent research contributes to its academic excellence.

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New York City, New York 1559 Followers 1064 Discussions

Located in New York City, Columbia Law School provides access to a vast legal community and numerous internship opportunities. Its strong business and international law programs, as well as connections to Wall Street, attract students interested in these fields.

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New York City, New York 2268 Followers 1642 Discussions

NYU Law's LL.M. program offers a broad selection of courses and specializations, including law and business, international law, and human rights. Its location in New York City provides proximity to the United Nations' headquarters and various legal organizations and commercial enterprises. 

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Chicago, Illinois 644 Followers 335 Discussions
UChicago Law

Known for its intellectual rigor and interdisciplinary approach, Chicago Law offers a flexible LL.M. curriculum and a strong emphasis on legal scholarship. The law and economics program is particularly renowned.

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London, United Kingdom 827 Followers 952 Discussions

LSE's LL.M. program combines legal studies with social sciences, providing a unique perspective on law's intersection with society and politics. The program's strong reputation in international law and policy attracts students from around the world.

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Berkeley, California 1352 Followers 606 Discussions
Berkeley Law

UC Berkeley Law's LL.M. program offers a wide range of courses and clinics, with a focus on public interest and social justice law. Its location in the San Francisco Bay Area provides opportunities in tech law and environmental law as well. 

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