Top 10 LLMs in Corporate Law

In the past couple of years, lawyers who specialize in corporate affairs have been in high demand, thanks to a mergers and acquisitions boom triggered by the stimulus measures unleashed during the Covid pandemic. That drove record profits for law firms, boosted pay for corporate lawyers and drove a surge in hiring in these practice areas.

The dealmaking boom has slowed, to be sure, and as the economic outlook remains uncertain there is less demand for corporate lawyers than during the fee bonanza of 2021.

But while this practice area may move with economic cycles, the demand for LL.M. programs in corporate law remains robust. The skills and knowledge imparted through corporate law degrees is still valuable; typically, they cover depth the legal, economic, financial, and governance matters most relevant to company executives and financial investors.

Many of these LL.M. programs take an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on expertise from business schools and economics departments. They also involve practicing lawyers as guest faculty, particularly those programs located in major financial and commercial centers such as London, New York and Singapore.

Graduates of these programs enjoy good job prospects, too. They typically go on to work in the corporate law departments of the best law firms in the world, or in-house where they can play a role in helping their company deal with business challenges.

New York City, New York 1614 Followers 1081 Discussions

LL.M. students at Columbia, a top ranked US law school, can specialize in Corporate, Business, and Transactional Law. Based in New York City, a financial capital, participants learn how to navigate the complex legal frameworks and challenges facing corporations. Columbia also offers a separate Executive LL.M. in Global Business Law for more experienced attorneys.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 1297 Followers 932 Discussions

Harvard Law, one of the best-known schools, offers a Law and Business Program of Study, on which LL.M. participants learn basic analytics (accounting, finance, economics), an appreciation of transactions, and relevant fields of law such as Antitrust Law. Harvard Law also offers a joint JD/MBA program with Harvard Business School.

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Stanford, California 888 Followers 419 Discussions

Stanford Law, in California, runs the LL.M. in Corporate Governance and Practice, designed for business and transactional lawyers who study areas such as accounting, bankruptcy, finance, mergers and acquisitions. The law school draws on the expertise of the Stanford Graduate School of Business to deliver the content.

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New York City, New York 2333 Followers 1661 Discussions

The LL.M. in Corporation Law at NYU School of Law gives students the tools to understand the finance and accounting that underpin transactions, with classes taught by professors at the NYU Stern School of Business alongside experts in law and economics. The course covers areas including Securities Law, Tax Law and Intellectual Property.

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Cambridge, United Kingdom 905 Followers 791 Discussions

The University of Cambridge puts on the Master of Corporate Law (MCL), a nine-month degree program that tackles subjects such as Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and International Financial Law. Cambridge Faculty of Law is one of the UK’s leading academic institutions.

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom 491 Followers 511 Discussions

The LL.M. in Corporate Law at Edinburgh Law School in Scotland, UK, equips students with a critical understanding of the main legal, economic and financial matters spanning the entire life cycle of a corporation. Students also develop an international and interdisciplinary perspective of corporate law.

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Singapore, Singapore 24 Followers 10 Discussions
Singapore Management University (SMU)

Singapore’s Yong Pung How School of Law offers a dual LL.M. in Commercial Law in partnership with Queen Mary University of London. The program provides a unique opportunity to study commercial law in two of the world’s major business and financial centerss, London and Singapore. The program focuses on international and comparative issues, as well as legal principles and commercial relationships.

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Durham, North Carolina 470 Followers 323 Discussions

At Duke Law School in North Carolina, LL.M. students can take semester-long transaction and corporate law courses, including in fields such as Securities Regulation, Negotiations, Bankruptcy, Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds, Corporate Finance, as well as Business Strategy for Lawyers.

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New York City, New York 338 Followers 250 Discussions
Fordham Law

Fordham University School of Law in New York City runs the LL.M. program in Banking, Corporate and Finance Law. Students develop their understanding of corporate structure, as well as the laws relating to capital markets and financial institutions, and insights into the goals and strategies of company executives.

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London, United Kingdom 821 Followers 948 Discussions

The Dickson Poon School of Law offers the International Corporate and Commercial Law LL.M., as well as the International Financial and Commercial Law LL.M. Students explore issues including regulation of mergers and acquisitions, international corporate finance, as well as trade, shipping, finance, energy and investment transactions. The program is taught online.

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