Top LL.M. Programs for Cybersecurity Law 2024

Cyber warfare, terrorism, crisis management — Cybersecurity LL.M.s offer a feast of intrigue. These niche law degrees cover some of the hottest topics out there, crossing over into intellectual property and data privacy.  

They are cross-disciplinary in nature, typically involving not just law schools but engineering and computer science departments too. And that means lawyers often study alongside technologists, policymakers and engineers, which provides fertile ground for creativity and enriches everyone’s learning. 

Some of the best Cybersecurity LL.M.s were designed with leading practitioners like the FBI’s cybercrime and national security squads, who lend their expertise and ensure the course stays relevant to industry needs, so that students can hit the ground running when they graduate on to the job market. 

There are diverse career opportunities on offer, with Cybersecurity LL.M. graduates often going on to work across the public and private sectors, in multinational corporations, leading law firms, in the armed forces and for NGOs. 

Some law schools run entire LL.M. degrees in cybersecurity and related fields such as information law or national security. Others offer specializations for students completing their generalist LL.M. degrees. All of these courses can be studied through a range of modes and in multiple formats, whether online, on campus, part-time or full-time. 

Here are the top 10 LL.M. programs in Cybersecurity Law:

Los Angeles, California 402 Followers 258 Discussions
USC Gould

The USC Gould School of Law in California runs a one-year LL.M. program in Privacy Law and Cyber Security — an interdisciplinary course that explores the legal framework for information privacy in the US, and fresh issues emerging in privacy and cybersecurity law. USC Gould is ranked as top-20 law school in America by US News. All applicants are considered for a scholarship and upon graduation will have access to a 375,000-strong alumni network. 

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Manchester, United Kingdom 138 Followers 183 Discussions

The University of Manchester’s law school, in the UK, puts on an LL.M. in Security and International Law that gives students the skills to analyze legal problems related to terrorism, conflict and modern warfare. The course includes cybersecurity and cyber warfare, and students go on to work at government agencies, in the armed forces, NGOs, law firms and multinational corporations. 

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Baltimore, Maryland 53 Followers 25 Discussions
Maryland - Carey

The Carey School of Law offers a Cybersecurity and Crisis Management program that melds theory and practice. It focuses on legal and policy issues in cybersecurity, national security, public health and emergency management. Students have access to the respected Center for Health and Homeland Security at University of Maryland, which offers consulting and academic research opportunities. Graduates end up working in both the public and private sectors. 

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Toronto, Canada 198 Followers 94 Discussions
Osgoode Hall - York

Osgoode Law, in Toronto in Canada, runs an LL.M. program in Privacy and Cybersecurity that focuses on how regulators, courts, governments, businesses and individuals can protect their information privacy. Not only do students take specialized courses but they also conduct innovative research in what is a cutting-edge field. 

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Los Angeles, California 80 Followers 55 Discussions
Loyola Los Angeles

LL.M. students at Loyola Law can take a Cybersecurity and Data Privacy concentration, the first of its kind on the west coast of America. It was developed with practitioners including the FBI Cyber National Security squad. Loyola has traditional strengths in the areas of technology, privacy, intellectual property and criminal justice. Students can take optional courses with the university’s engineering school. 

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Albany, New York 19 Followers 2 Discussions
Albany Law

The school in New York state in 2017 launched a fully Online LL.M. degree in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law that covers information security and intellectual property as well. The curriculum is designed and taught by leading cybersecurity experts in the US and includes topics such as cyberwarfare and digital forensics. Albany is a leader in these fields, having offered a JD concentration in law and cybersecurity law for many years. 

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Bloomington, Indiana 32 Followers 37 Discussions
IU Maurer - Bloomington

Indiana Law LL.M. students can specialize in cybersecurity law and information privacy via courses taught by leading experts in these fields. Students tend to work for government agencies, telecoms companies and global corporations as policy advisors or consultants. The core courses cover cybersecurity, health privacy, information privacy and security law. There are a wide range of electives that include drone law, internet law and constitutional law. 

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Austin, Texas 138 Followers 114 Discussions
Texas Law

Texas Law’s Cybersecurity LL.M. concentration is open not just to law students but other graduate students on campus, reflecting the cross-disciplinary nature of the subject. And no prior expertise in cybersecurity law is required for admission. The teaching takes place at the renowned Strauss Center for International Security and Law, giving students access to conferences and policy competitions. 

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11 Followers 2 Discussions
Drexel - Kline

The school hosts an LL.M. in Cyber Law and Data Privacy for lawyers across sectors who manage risks and develop strategies for reducing legal exposure and liability. The program is offered part-time on campus, or full-time online, or full-time in a blended format. Some lawyers in America can use their bachelor’s degree as academic credit for the LL.M.  

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Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom 19 Followers 25 Discussions

Northumbria Law School in the north of England runs an LL.M. degree in Cyber Law. The institution is one of the largest in the UK and is home to academics who are globally renowned for their research into cybersecurity, which informs teaching on the LL.M. The school also has strong links to the UK legal sector and involves practitioners in the program. 

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