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NYU LL.M. 2020-2021

Scholarships and funding an $$$ LLM

In NYU LL.M. 2020-2021 on Oct 20, 2020

Thinking about applying for US LLMs? Here are some of my top tips

In NYU LL.M. 2020-2021 on Oct 13, 2020

“Don’t forget to look up”: Life in NYC

In NYU LL.M. 2020-2021 on Sep 29, 2020

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KCL LL.M. 2020-2021

Module Choices and a COVID UpdateModules are undoubtedly the centerpiece of...

In KCL LL.M. 2020-2021 on Oct 12, 2020

Moving to London and King's Welcome Fortnight

In KCL LL.M. 2020-2021 on Sep 25, 2020

Prologue: My LLM Year at King's College London - The Pandemic Edition

In KCL LL.M. 2020-2021 on Sep 01, 2020

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Previous Student Blogs

Edinburgh Online LL.M. 2019-2020

This prosecutor from Brazil is pursing an Online LL.M. program in Information Technology Law from the University of Edinburgh. Follow her experiences as she takes classes and fits the coursework into her busy schedule.

LSE LL.M. 2019-2020

Follow the adventures of a student from Russia delves into the LL.M. from LSE and life in London

Oxford MLF 2018-2019

A blogger doing their LL.M. at LSE writes about the program and life in London.

UCL LL.M. 2018-2019

A student doing her LL.M. at University College London writes about her experiences.

Harvard LL.M. 2017-2018

This blog is a window to the life of an graduate student at Harvard Law School. Here, you will find some useful information, anecdotes, advice, and misplaced puns.

Stanford LL.M. 2017-2018

This blog aims to provide insights from a year on graduate studies at Stanford Law School.

Columbia LL.M. 2016-2017

An LL.M. student at Columbia talks about New York City, the academic experience, and more.

Yale LL.M. 2015-2016

An inside look at the student life experience during the LL.M. at Yale.

Harvard LL.M. 2014-2015

A law graduate from Europe blogs about his experiences in the Master of Laws (LLM) program at Harvard Law School

Oxford MJur 2015-2016

An MJur student from Germany blogs about his experiences.

LLM GUIDE Blogs Archive

Blog Author Latest Subject
LL.M. - NY Bar - OPT in NYC - Home vnukoff My life back home after LLM and OPT are done
Jul 26, 2014
LLMbyM LLMbyM The Paper, or All You Need to Compose, Sign and Submit as an Applicant
Mar 18, 2014
Columbia University - Class of 2010 michaelcorleone To Barbri or Not to Barbri
Mar 04, 2011
Advice for foreign lawyers coming to the U.S. to get graduate degrees (both LL.M & JD) Johana A Common Pitfall by Foreign Law Students: Over-Confidence
Jan 28, 2011
Editor's Blog Maren[LLM GUIDE] The Value of an LL.M. Revisited
Sep 27, 2010
UCL LLM 2009/2010 experience. Right from the beginning until graduation! PUCCA DISSERTATION SUBMITTED. DONE WITH LLM, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 06, 2010
LLM in the United States ILI Guide to LLM Study in the United States
Jun 09, 2010
Law According to Yale tmalmine Harvard v. Yale: the ultimate contest finally decided!
May 12, 2010
LLM85 KCL LLM85 It is almost over!
Feb 24, 2010
The LLM experience from an Anonymous Lawyer Banana Pie "Why bother?" asks the Anonymous Lawyer.
Feb 04, 2010
NYU - Class of 2007 ivan2006 28 months later...
Oct 08, 2009
Edinburgh LL.M 09/10 Edinburgh09 First post!
Sep 07, 2009
UVA LL.M. 2010 Santa First weeks in Charlottesville
Aug 22, 2009
Gandhi & Me - LLM at UCL 2008-2009 stephan Legal writing for non-native students
Jun 19, 2009
The Harvard LLM experience LLMcomplete An overview of Harvard's LLM
May 20, 2009
UVA LL.M Experience Jaan222 Second Semester is over
May 08, 2009
LL.M. experience at American University Washington College of Law (WCL) LLM Board - WCL LL.M. in International Legal Studies
Feb 25, 2009
NY Bar Examination - July 2009 crm042 LLB graduate, passed the NY Bar - now what opportunities await him or her in NYC?
Jan 18, 2009
LLM at LSE- 2007-2008. pinkcauldrons Just the Dissertation Left!
Jun 26, 2008
Problems with the Fulbright scholarship system invictus88 My experience as a Fulbright scholar
May 26, 2008
For Indian Students planning to do a LLM from UK prashbez For Students from India planning to do a LLM from UK
Apr 30, 2008
LLM in George Washington University Law School Sh GW - My Choice!
Apr 21, 2008
LLM Duke 2008 Fall Experience savannah New Year and final semester at Duke
Jan 26, 2008
From-Bangkok-to-UK JamesBangkok The Offer by Manchester and The Reactions
Nov 30, 2007
Law According to Harvard - Class 2008 ricey HLS early weeks
Sep 23, 2007
LLM AT NUS! esha LLM at NUS!
Oct 10, 2006
The Stanford experience Bitsou Post-impressions
Sep 15, 2006
Jazzman@UCL2006-2007 Jazzman End of the inter-collegiate degree
Sep 14, 2006
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