First weeks in Charlottesville

By Santa in UVA LL.M. 2010 on Aug 22, 2009

As I could not resist to keep the UVA experience alive on LLM-guide (in the footsteps of Jaan), I will post some of my wonderful experiences during the year.

My applications to several law schools in UK and US and my acceptances in enough of them, put me to a choice of where to go. Thanks to a lot of positive feedback from alumni, I now have the pleasure to study in this great law school with 37 other LL.M. students from all over the world!

The UVA campus truly is incredible and deserves its status as the only university with World Heritage status in the US. The city is very beautiful and everybody is extremely friendly. The weather is great (better than Chicago and Michigan brr) and the recreational and cultural possibilities are endless.

The law school is very beautiful and staff and professors are extremely friendly and helpful as well. As we are a small LL.M. group they really put a lot of effort in emerging us in the US law school culture by f.e. organising events together with JD students. Studying law together with JD students really is incredible! The faculty is very gifted, making classes fun and interactive. Students are very well prepared. All this makes for a great educational experience!

It might be a bit early to make this bold statement after only two weeks in C'ville, but I will do it anyway: if you want a great lifelasting experience in an incredible law school with fantastic people, apply to UVA!


Honest Feedback, Apr 05, 2010 01:20

You forgot to say that UVA has no prestige as true top law school like other law schools (UChicago and Michigan that you mentioned for the wether, NU, Duke, GT, Cornell and others) Their ranking is good and they are "Top 10" in the USNEWS, but not in the job market.... But it's good to know that you have fun there.

Pratima, Mar 20, 2010 00:43

@ Santa - Hey its good to know that you are enjoying UVA. Just wanted to get a bit of perspective about the career opportunities for L.L.M. graduates.

Santa, Aug 26, 2009 21:06

Hey halfshark,

Having classes with JD students is an exceptional experience. Only in this way will you undergo the full legal educational experience. You will be motivated to work too, as US students work very hard. Moreover there way of thinking is often different from ours and getting to know Americans can be very rewarding. Finally, law firms really prefer that you have studied with JD students as it shows that you have been exposed to the total hardship of the US legal education.

halfshark, Aug 25, 2009 10:58

Hi Santa, Happy to hear that things are going well in C'ville for you. I myself am also interested in Virginia and other small LLM programs. Why do you think it is good to study with JD students? I have heard that some programs do this more than others.

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