Top LL.M. Programs for European Business Law 2023

As European law and business become more powerful around the world, many law schools are offering European Business LL.M. degrees. 

The courses are often interdisciplinary, including both business and law schools, which deepens the learning and gives students a holistic view of legal systems and a company’s life cycle.  

Most of the courses are in mainland Europe, which gives students easy access to the leading European institutions and their law and policymakers. However, some law schools outside of the continent, in the US and the Republic of Ireland, also offer European Business LL.M.s. Although some schools in the UK offer European Business Law LL.M. programs, these are becoming less and less relevant as Brexit is implemented. 

The programs tend to be highly practical in nature, including study trips abroad and internships with leading law firms, multinational companies, government agencies and NGOs. Graduates end up working at these firms and many more, in all corners of the European economy. 

While many courses are branded as European Business LL.M.s, in reality the content goes beyond the boundaries of any single jurisdiction, which reflects the globalization of European business. As such, some International Business LL.M.s include substantial content on European affairs. 

Hamburg, Germany 111 Followers 51 Discussions

Germany’s Bucerius Law School runs an LL.M. program in Law and Business that is interdisciplinary, international and practice-oriented. The course is hosted jointly with the Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany, combining business expertise with legal knowledge. The curriculum follows the stages of a company’s lifecycle, from ideation to globalization and acquisition. Students will graduate understanding the legal and economic dimensions of a company, a skillset that is alluring for many corporations, law firms and nonprofits.  

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Madrid, Spain 88 Followers 31 Discussions
IE Law School

IE, one of the top law schools in Spain and Europe, offers an LL.M. program in International Business Law that, while including substantial content on European law, goes beyond the borders of a single legal system. The course is action-oriented and focuses on law, business transactions and operational skills. So students acquire the technical and interdisciplinary training that helps them become leaders in the legal services sector. The 10-month program offers a quick return on investment. 

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Fribourg, Switzerland 59 Followers 16 Discussions
Fribourg University

The LL.M. in International Business Law at Fribourg Law in Switzerland is offered on both a full-time and part-time basis. The syllabus was developed in consultation with the legal departments of major Swiss companies and global corporations, as well as international law firms. Because of these partnerships, students are offered numerous opportunities for internships where they can put theory into practice in the real business world.  

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Lausanne, Switzerland 54 Followers 24 Discussions
Lausanne (UNIL)

UNIL near Geneva has an LL.M. in International Business Law with five specializations in such subjects as sports, innovation, business transactions, regulation and disputes. The school’s small class sizes mean LL.M. students have access to tutoring and mentoring services. They are taught by leading members of a faculty that includes noble laureates. There are a wide range of merit scholarships available to LL.M. students, reducing the cost of study. 

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Leuven, Belgium 98 Followers 80 Discussions
KU Leuven

KU Leuven, in Belgium, runs an International and European Business Law LL.M. degree. It includes sessions on European company law, European Union economy law, world trade organization rules and financial law in the EU. Students can also specialize in European financial regulation or insurance law. A big perk to studying at KU Leuven is being in the heart of mainland Europe, so close to leading European law and policymakers.  

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Lund, Sweden 131 Followers 83 Discussions
Lund University

According to the school, the Master’s in European Business Law is the oldest program covering the topic of European economic law in Scandinavia. The program is quite flexible, allowing students an additional year of study to delve into an area of economic law and participate in a European Law Moot Court competition. 

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Dublin, Ireland 138 Followers 87 Discussions
Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Trinity College Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland, puts on an International and European Business Law LL.M. It sets students up for successful careers in global corporations and law firms around the world. Students can specialise to deepen their knowledge in corporate law and governance, global economic and trade law, dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. 

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Paris, France 94 Followers 79 Discussions
Paris 1

The Sorbonne Law School runs several EU-oriented LL.M. programs, including the France-focused LL.M. in French Law and European Law in France (in the French language). The school also offers an LL.M. in Business Law for Foreign Lawyers, aimed at those international students who want to come to grips with European Law and how it relates to business activities. 

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Durham, United Kingdom 65 Followers 186 Discussions
Durham Law School

Durham, in the north of England, has a respected European Trade and Commercial Law LL.M. that explores the commercial aspects of the law of the European Union. The school is home to the Durham European Law Institute, which offers students many experiential learning opportunities. The school also hosts a European Documentation Centre in its large library, which has extensive European materials. 

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Boston, Massachusetts 367 Followers 363 Discussions
BU Law

BU School of Law in Boston jointly runs an LL.M. in International and European Business Law with ICADE in Madrid. Students complete a full year of study at ICADE in Spain, which has a global reputation for European business studies. The course focuses on EU business regulation, business affairs, legal practice and enforcement. 

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