Top 10 LL.M. Programs for Gender Law 2024

In recent decades, there’s been a growing recognition of the pervasive inequalities embedded within societal structures. At the forefront of this evolution is the field of gender law, which critically examines the intersection of law, policy and gender dynamics to address systemic injustices and promote equality for all individuals, irrespective of gender identity or expression.

And many law schools worldwide now offer LL.M. courses in gender law and related areas such as gender justice, which can help students get to grips with the complex legal frameworks that shape gender relations and influence access to rights and opportunities. Below, we’ve listed 10 of the best LL.M. options for those students who are passionate about gender law. 

In compiling this list, we considered several factors including faculty expertise, the strength of the curriculum, hands-on learning opportunities, and the reputation of the law school.


New York City, New York 1614 Followers 1081 Discussions

Columbia’s LL.M. program benefits from links to the law school’s Center for Gender and Sexuality Law, featuring leading experts and practical experiences. The center’s mission is to formulate new approaches to complex issues facing gender and sexual justice movements. It provides strong connections to advocacy organizations and provides networking opportunities for LL.M. students.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 1297 Followers 932 Discussions

Harvard offers an LL.M. course on Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation and the Law, led by renowned faculty. The course explores the ways in which the law intersects with gender identity and sexual orientation, and LL.M. students CAN engage in impactful research and advocacy initiatives.

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Washington, District of Columbia 1219 Followers 987 Discussions

Georgetown Law has a long tradition of feminism and gender studies, expertise which is incorporated into the school’s LL.M. program. Students interested in these areas can gain hands-on training in clinics focused on domestic violence and women’s human rights. Located in D.C., Georgetown students benefit from unique access to policymakers and international organizations.

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New York City, New York 2334 Followers 1661 Discussions

One key study area for LL.M. students at NYU Law is Family, Gender and Sexuality, providing them with a deep dive into critical legal issues. The course benefits from NYU’s vibrant campus culture and extensive network of alumni in the field, while there are also opportunities to get involved in clinics, such as LGBTQ Rights Clinic, and the Reproductive Justice Clinic.

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Stanford, California 888 Followers 419 Discussions

Stanford LL.M. students can take a course called Gender, Law and Public Policy, which covers topics such employment, education, family, reproductive rights and sexual harassment. Stanford’s interdisciplinary approach and global perspective can provide a rich learning environment for students passionate about gender justice.

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London, United Kingdom 865 Followers 960 Discussions

The LSE in London offers the Sexuality, Gender and Culture course for LL.M. students, looking into the development of sexual cultures, identities and social movements stretching back to the 19th century. The course offers an international perspective, and students may engage with leading scholars and policymakers.

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Canberra, Australia 35 Followers 40 Discussions
ANU (Australia)

ANU offers the Gender, Law and Development course for LL.M. students, examining issues such as women’s rights, gender inequality, and the impact of legal frameworks on social, economic and political opportunities. Situated in Australia’s capital, students have access to government institutions, NGOs, and international organizations working on gender issues, offering valuable opportunities for research and practical experience.

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Rondebosch, South Africa 80 Followers 27 Discussions
Cape Town (UCT)

University of Cape Town offers the Sexual Offences and the Law course for LL.M. students, focusing on legal issues affecting marginalized groups in South Africa and beyond. With a diverse faculty and strong emphasis on social justice, students engage in critical analysis and advocacy efforts aimed at promoting gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights in Africa and the global community.

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Coventry, United Kingdom 70 Followers 122 Discussions
Warwick Law School

Warwick in the UK offers the LL.M. in International Development Law and Human Rights, which focuses on gender justice and other issues pertaining to development and human rights. Warwick’s interdisciplinary approach draws from law, politics and international relations, providing a holistic understanding of gender law within various contexts.

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