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The University



The unique international and interdisciplinary character of the EMLE Programme is secured through an intensive co-operation between lawyers and economists at no less than nine European and Non-European Universities. In the first term, courses will be offered at the universities of Rotterdam, Hamburg and Bologna. In the second term students will study at the universities of Ghent, Hamburg or Rotterdam. In the third term there is a wide range of courses and thesis topics to choose from. Courses are offered in Aix-en-Provence, Haifa, Hamburg, Mumbai, Warsaw, and Vienna.

Students can also choose to study at a non-European partner university Haifa, Israel or Mumbai, India.

The Law School

The Erasmus + (Erasmus Plus) European Master Programme in Law and Economics, in short the EMLE Programme, offers you the unique opportunity to study at two or three European and Non-European universities and to obtain officially recognised double or triple degrees. It provides you with advanced knowledge on the economic effects of divergent laws and prepares you for a career in public organisations or multinational law firms.
Each participating university awards an LL.M. degree or a master degree which is equivalent to an LL.M. The EMLE program has received the Erasmus + (Erasmus Plus) label, along with only few other masters courses. One of the implications of the Erasmus + (Erasmus Plus) label is that the EMLE programme is able to grant student scholarships and waivers annually to Non-European and European students. Also mobility grants are available for each student who fulfills specific requirements.

The Program



The program consists of three kinds of courses. In order to make law students more familiar with basic economic reasoning some courses are more economic in orientation. Some courses deal with comparative law in order to internationalise the legal background of the students. Most courses deal directly with the economic analysis of the most important branches of private, public, international and European law. The references to law in the courses will be of a comparative kind, due to the all-European character of the programme and the international composition of the audience. Students will be confronted with examples of their own and other legal systems.

Entry Requirements

The EMLE is a postgraduate course. Preference will be given to applicants who have already a first masters degree. The minimum requirement for admission is a bachelor degree.

Besides graduates in Law or Economics, applicants with a first degree in business administration or in social sciences may also apply under the condition that the completed study programme includes a substantial number of courses in law and/or economics.

Application Procedure



Please have a look at www.emle.org for additional information.
This year's application deadline is the 13th of January 2016!

Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees depend on the way students have been recruited:

* The tuition fee for European students is 5,500 EUR.
* The tuition fee for Non-European students is 9,500 EUR.

Programs at Hamburg - EMLE Program


12 months
  • The European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE) is a one-year, three-term program offered jointly by seven European and two international universities.
  • Non-EU students pay 9,500 EUR and EU students 5,500 EUR.
  • Students who participate in the EMLE program will receive a degree from every partner university where they have spent a term (LL.M. titles or master titles equivalent to an LL.M. - system of multiple degrees).
  • Depending on the 3rd term university the Erasmus Mundus label will be awarded in addition.
  • The first trimester can be spent in Hamburg (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands) or Bologna (Italy); the second trimester in Hamburg, Ghent (Belgium) or Bologna; the third trimester in either Aix-en-Provence (France), Haifa (Israel), Hamburg, Mumbai (India), Warsaw (Poland), Rotterdam or Vienna (Austria)

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