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By ricey in Law According to Harvard - Class 2008 on Sep 23, 2007

Indeed, I found that HLS is all what it was hyped to be, an amazing place to learn the law.

I only have 3 classes for the fall term for a total of 10 credits. And on top of that, we have to start preparing for our LLM paper (at least for those who opt to do this) as early as now. The teachers I have so far are fantastic. I'm learning Copyright/IP under Yochai Benkler, Legal Theory/History under Duncan Kennedy and Comparative Con Law under Ran Hirschl, a visiting professor from UoToronto and who is likewise an accomplished scholar in his field. (see his book Towards Juristocracy) Class size ranges around 30-35, except for Benkler's where a total of 60 people attends. There are opportunities for discussion and interactivity but by and large, its done in lecture format. These are all courses, of course. Seminars and reading groups follow a different classroom dynamic.

I only have classes from Mon-Wed but I usually spend the next 3 days preparing for the following week. It's hard work but not miserable. Learning is fun and all professors (at least those whom I've corresponded with) are eager to give you their thoughts and to answer any inquiries you might have. I was quite surprised because I thought they would really be busy to bother with a lowly LLM looking for ideas for a paper. Certainly different from where I came from.

Also, it seems like the only thing you need to do in Harvard is study. They give you everything you need -course packs neatly printed, free coffee, free printing to a certain extent, and all the other offices seemingly coordinate to make sure you get the most out of your stay in HLS. There is an abundance of activities going on everyday so that you only have to choose which one to attend. 

Will update more next time.



ricey, Sep 27, 2007 17:33

hey Paavo, yes, thats how I knew of Duncan Kennedy first. I must say he has mellowed down a bit from that era, it seems. His other scholarship are as interesting or even more so than that piece, I'm taking a class based on his article 'Three Globalizations of Law'. It's mind-boggling everyday, it seems but interesting enough to challenge you and keep you thinking.

vogelfrei, Sep 27, 2007 01:08

hey ricey! (and shockresist)

great to hear you're having fun. i can only dream that next year i'll be in my dream school taking my llm too.

- tj

pkotiaho, Sep 26, 2007 20:25

Hey ricey, thanks for the update. Just out of interest, did you read Prof. Kennedy's "little red book" (legal education and the reproduction of hierarchy) before you took his class? Looking forward to some insights into how his classes are/have been. Best of luck with the work,


ricey, Sep 25, 2007 15:34

hello there avo! yep you basically register for the whole year in advance. but there are add/drop periods just before winter term and before spring term, so technically, you can still change your subjects, for as long as there are still spaces left.

shockresist, Sep 25, 2007 10:52

hey ricey, i'm just curious, you mentioned to me earlier that you have also registered for classes with other profs, like mr. clark. does this mean that at the start of the program, you are already registered for all the classes that you want to take? hope you're doing well. :)

ricey, Sep 24, 2007 04:27

What I mean by that statement is that they give you everything you need so the only thing you have to do is just to study. In my home country, we still have to photocopy our own materials, or find the articles needed for class. Here, even the reading list for your research topic can be given by any one of the fantastic librarians so you don't have to search. Of course there are a lot of fun activities as well- my classmates often have drinking and dancing parties and the activities going on everyday include both academic and social events so lots of opportunities to interact, to network and to make lots of new friends.

Scholarshi..., Sep 24, 2007 04:13

Hi ricey! As always, thanks for the information!!! I want to ask you about something you said: "Also, it seems like the only thing you need to do in Harvard is study". It is really like that? You only have time for studing or you also have fun? What about the weekends? What about networking? etc.

Best regards!

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