GW - My Choice!

By Sh in LLM in George Washington University Law School on Apr 21, 2008

Finally, I got the news of my admission. I will go to The George Washington University Law School and I am very happy about this. International and Comparative Law is my favorite and I will concentrate on International Business and Corporate Law. I like the school. It ranks 20 according to the US News and Reports Ranking and its International and Comparative Law program ranks 8 in US.

Washington DC is a very nice place and I specially like its springs. I have been there for some days before during the very nice days of spring. Being the capital of the country makes the city more attractable to the international students who want to get more familiar with the US institutes and governance. GW which a four blocks from the White House puts you in the heart of a place with high political movements. For me it is even better that I would be there during the 2008 presidential election. For example, since Hillary Clinton became a candidate, she had two speeches in GW.

In order to be more prepared, I will participate in the Pre-LLM Program which takes four weeks in Georgetown University. Again that is in DC.


Himanshu, Dec 27, 2008 09:38

hello...i\\\'ll b graduating in the month of May, 2009...n m interested in doing my LLM in Environmental Law frm GWU...i went thru the website n i kno that it also offers the query is whether can i get scholarship for the same with 56% in aggreagate and also i wud like to know the standard of education in environmental law and its scope in US, once i complete it...waiting for ur reply
one more thing if possible, lemme just kno the fee structure for the same

Saddique Ahmed, May 23, 2008 16:15

Dear shayan,

Congrates on your admission!
Proud to see such passionate afghan student!

I have been getting useful information from site about US admissions and specifically university placements. Especially, I really impressed by your knowledge and its open-heartly sharing. I am also from afghanistan.

Last year I applied to the Fulbright but due to some reasons couldn't appeared in the test. This year, however, I am again applying for the fulbright.

Dear Shayan, below is my email address. I would like to be in contact with you. Though my field of study is Finance/Corporate Finance, I still hope that you can mentor me throughout the process.

Saddique Ahmed

Humber, May 16, 2008 21:17

Congrats on choosing GWU! I'll go to Georgetown, so I see you there in July.

Yevvvvv: The pre-LLM is designed for foreign-educated lawyers who have been accepted into an LLM program in the U.S. It offers an introduction to the U.S. legal system, legal writing, the university system, etc:
I don't have the exact total cost here, but it's about 5000-6000 USD (free for Fulbrighters and maybe some other scholarships aswell). There are also pre-LLM programs at UC Davis and New Orleans.

yevvvvvvv, Apr 29, 2008 18:59

Hey! just out of curiosity, what is the pre-LLM program? How do you sign up for it, what does it cost and what are the benefits? Thanks.

Olanrewaju Olakunle, Apr 25, 2008 21:00

i hope every of my expectation will be met. i will be very grateful. thanks

Lit, Apr 25, 2008 18:35

Shayan, hearty congratulations to you, I'm sure George Washington will be a great experience for you!

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