LL.M. facts

Tuition 59,646 USD

Duration 9 mths

Intakes August

University of California, Berkeley Law (Boalt Hall)

Advanced Law Degree Programs
471 Boalt Hall #7200

Berkeley, CA 94720

United States

School Website

Berkeley Law - Full Profile

The University

The University of California, Berkeley is the flagship campus of the UC system. Listed at #4 in SJTU's Academic Ranking of World Universities (making it the top-ranked public institution in the world), Berkeley enrolls over 36,000 students in 130 academic departments. There are 7 Nobel Laureates, 32 MacArthur Fellows, and 4 Pulitzer Prize winners among the current faculty. A National Research Council analysis of U.S. universities concluded that UC Berkeley has the largest number of highly ranked graduate programs in the country: 48 out of Berkeley's 52 graduate programs rank in the top 10 nationally.

The Law School

Located in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley Law is currently ranked among the top 10 law schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. All of our students are taught by distinguished professors at the top of their fields; we offer a superb education in both established and emerging fields of law.

Our intellectual property program was the first of its kind, and has been number one in the country for 15 of the last 17 years. We were legal pioneers of the Green Movement, creating the nation's first environmental law program. Our business law curriculum is informed by the innovation of nearby Silicon Valley, and our international law program is ranked fifth in the U.S.

Berkeley Law is distinguished by the extraordinary degree to which our students and faculty partner with people beyond the school: identifying challenges, creating alliances, solving problems, and sparking change, in Berkeley and around the world.

The Program

Berkeley Law’s LL.M. (Master of Laws) is a general degree program. Our LL.M. curriculum is designed to provide a strong basis in the fundamentals of U.S. law. while allowing for customization based on individual interests and goals. Students have the option to earn certificates of specialization in several areas of law, pursue eligibility to register for a U.S. Bar Exam, or complete a thesis.

Our internationally recognized and highly competitive LL.M. program welcomes students from over 50 countries who contribute substantially to our diverse intellectual community. Berkeley Law provides three paths to our general LL.M. degree: the traditional and thesis tracks, which are offered during the August-May academic year; and the professional track, which is delivered over two consecutive summer semesters (May-August).


Berkeley Law’s LL.M. Professional Track is specifically designed for lawyers educated outside the U.S. who want an internationally renowned Berkeley Law degree but can’t leave professional or personal commitments for an entire standard academic year.

Students in our professional track complete courses during May through August, over two consecutive 10-or 13-week summer semesters, allowing students to return home to work and family in the year between. A rigorous curriculum including business law, intellectual property, and core U.S. law courses is taught by world-renowned Berkeley Law faculty who are leaders in their fields. Students may focus their studies to earn a Certificate of Specialization and/or to meet the requirements to become eligible to register for the California Bar Examination.

Professional track students may earn Certificates of Specialization in:

- Business Law
- Law & Technology (Intellectual Property Law)
- Public Law & Regulation
- Energy & Environmental Law


The traditional track of our LL.M. program, which takes place during the standard academic year from August to May, provides students with a range of opportunities, from obtaining a basic knowledge of the U.S. legal system to undertaking original research on a particular aspect of law. Designed to integrate American and international law students at various levels of study, the traditional track allows candidates to satisfy degree requirements by enrolling in courses and seminars from among those offered to law students pursuing the J.D. degree. Aside from a few core curriculum courses specifically designed for international students, LL.M. candidates may select law courses as they see fit, with the exception of a few that are restricted to the J.D. curriculum. In addition to earning the degree, students seeking in-depth training in a particular area of law may earn a Certificate of Specialization in the following areas:

- Business Law
- Law & Technology
- International Law
- Energy & Clean Technology
- Environmental Law


Simply put, the LL.M. thesis track is our traditional track with a twist – of research. Thesis track is designed for those who want the LL.M. degree but know they want to devote a substantial portion of their time to a substantial research and writing project – a thesis – supervised by a tenured faculty member. It is appropriate for students considering academic or government careers, those interested in researching a particular subject in depth, and/or those who’d like to work closely with a particular faculty member.

The thesis track takes place over one standard academic year, August through May. As part of their degree requirements, thesis students complete 8 units of independent study units that represent the work they complete on their thesis. Students complete mandatory courses in Fundamentals of U.S. Law, Legal Research and Writing, and Legal Scholarship. With remaining units, students can choose from the full range of law school offerings (courses to be approved by the student’s thesis advisor).

The Faculty

Berkeley Law professors are superb instructors as well as internationally recognized experts in wide-ranging specialties from international law to intellectual property.

Berkeley Law is the academic home to the recipients of 15 Fulbright and 20 Guggenheim Fellowships and to the authors of many casebooks that are used worldwide. Our faculty is packed with ultra-high-achievers, but they're famously approachable and accessible too. Most look for ways to engage with students outside the classroom, whether by collaborating on a research project or simply meeting over lunch in our sunny courtyards.

Entry Requirements

Applicants to the LL.M. program must hold a professional degree from an accredited law school. Applicants whose primary language is other than English must submit a TOEFL/IELTS of at least 100/7.0. 

Please see our full application requirements.

Application Procedure

Each year we attract an exceptional and talented group of students from all over the world. We look at applications holistically, with the goal of building a rich and diverse student body.

Prospective students can apply to either the traditional track, professional track, thesis track, or all three, using the same online application form available on LSAC. For both programs, the deadline to apply is January 10. The professional track has a rolling admissions policy to better serve working attorneys; decisions are usually reached within a few weeks of receipt of a completed application. Traditional and thesis track applicants are notified of admissions decisions in March.

Please see our admission information.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are the same for all tracks.

Financial Aid

The Advanced Degree Programs Office offers several selective, merit- or citizenship-based scholarships, which are awarded to a few outstanding LL.M. students each year. Scholarship applications for all tracks are made available to admitted students only.


The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most desirable locations in the world. Home to an astonishingly diverse and creative population, it offers easy access to sophisticated cultural experiences, expansive professional networks, and the majestic natural beauty of Northern California. Michelin-starred restaurants, famous tourist attractions, museums, arts and theater are found across the Bay Area - many of them right here in Berkeley. The business and technological innovation of Silicon Valley permeates the intellectual life of the region, making Berkeley Law a vibrant place to live and study.


UC Berkeley offers some graduate student housing, but the majority of students choose to rent private apartments or share homes off-campus, most within minutes of campus by foot or public transit. Please visit our housing tips and resources page to learn more about living in Berkeley.

Student Life

At Berkeley Law, we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that recognizes and nurtures the best in people, intellectually and personally. You'll become an integral part of a close-knit student body and build close connections with our distinguished faculty. Berkeley Law culture promotes a keen camaraderie that's evident throughout our seminar rooms, hallways and courtyards.

Each program provides distinct benefits to students. Professional track students enjoy the undivided attention of the same full-time J.D. faculty who teach during the academic year. Traditional and thesis track students get the chance to take classes with J.D. students. All of our programs provide students the opportunity to develop a worldwide network of peers, not to mention the chance to explore the San Francisco Bay Area and beautiful Northern California.

Summer Program

Berkeley Law offers two programs in the summer months, May - August: 

1. Degree Program

LL.M. Professional Track Degree: The professional track of our LL.M. degree allows students to earn our general LL.M. degree in an innovative, flexible two-summer format. Please see "Program" above for details.

2. Non-Degree Program

Professional Legal Education (PLE): The Professional Legal Education program gives qualified participants the opportunity to take courses offered in our LL.M. summer program on a non-degree basis. Participants gain the unique opportunity to expand their expertise, revisit fundamentals, or take a deep dive into a new practice area, while learning from our world-class faculty.

PLE participants can choose from our most popular courses, ranging from business to IP, international to environmental law, and more, all taught by internationally renowned Berkeley Law faculty as part of our our LL.M. professional track degree program. PLE participants have the unique experience of attending classes with Berkeley Law LL.M. degree students, and receive the same in-depth education.

The PLE program offers a flexible course schedule with immersive, modular courses (1-3 weeks long, meet for more hours per week than a standard academic year course) offered May through August.

PLE participants may focus their studies with a Certificate Program. All participants receive Certificates of Completion. PLE participants are not matriculated, do not take an exam, and do not receive a grade or a transcript.

News from Berkeley Law

Event Jun 03, 2016

LLM Info event coming up soon >more

Programs at Berkeley Law


9 months
Business Law
Energy & Clean Technology
Environmental Law
International Law
Law & Technology
Business Law
Law & Technology
Public Law & Regulation
Energy & Environmental Law
  • Program is delivered over two consecutive summer terms
9 months
Business Law
Energy & Clean Technology
Environmental Law
International Law
Law & Technology
  • Designed for those who want the LL.M. degree but know they want to devote a substantial portion of their time to a substantial research and writing project – a thesis – supervised by a tenured faculty member
68,000 USD
36 months
  • Tuition rate refers to cost for non-residents)
  • California residents eligible for reduced tuition rate in first year of program

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