LL.M. facts

Tuition 8,900 GBP

Duration 12 mths

Int'l Students 20%

Women 50%

Minimum TOEFL 92

Minimum IELTS 6.5

Applicants/Year 440

University of London International Programmes

Stewart House
32 Russell Square

London, WC1B 5DN

United Kingdom

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UoL International - Full Profile

The University

Senate House

Senate House

Renowned for excellence in legal education, the University of London is one of the largest and most respected institutions in the world. We've been offering the opportunity for students around the world to obtain the Master of Laws (LLM) through self-study, and without coming to London, since 1925.
The Postgraduate Laws programme has been developed by academics within Queen Mary and University College London (UCL) Law departments.

The Law School

The Law Schools of UCL and Queen Mary have outstanding reputations.

UCL Law School has achieved the highest rating in the last four instances of the Research Assessment Exercise. Across a range of student surveys and university leagues tables over the previous five years, UCL Laws has been consistently ranked as one of the top law schools in the UK.

There is an eminent community of academic staff, visiting lecturers, distinguished judges and legal practitioners who are considered as experts in their fields, and deliver some of the finest research-based laws learning in the world.

The School of Law at Queen Mary University of London has been ranked 3rd in the UK and 1st in London in the Guardian University Guide 2015 subject league tables.In the National Student Survey (NSS) 2015, the School scored 91 per cent for student satisfaction.

Its faculty have leading roles in legal scholarship and close links with law firms and leading members of the law professions in the UK and overseas.

The Program

You can study at home by distance learning

You can study at home by distance learning

The great benefit of this programme is its flexible structure. It's up to you whether you study the subjects of most interest to you and/or those that will be most useful to your career. There's a wide range of Courses to choose from and three awards to aim for- a postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma of a Master of Laws: you decide the level you want to achieve and the areas you want to cover. And because you can study when you choose, you can plan your studying to fit in with your work and home commitments.

There are also 32 specialisations available for those who wish to become or are specialists in a particular field of law. You can either choose to study independently or seek additional educational support. You can pay fees as you go, or pay the total amount upfront.

Access is a key principle - you do not need an LLB to apply; applicants with no degree can start on the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and progress up. Whether you're a practising lawyer, LLB graduate or non-legal professional, if you're keen to develop your career, this programme has an option to suit you.

Flexible learning
The programme is self-taught with extensive study materials (print and web-based) to improve and aid your study experience, these include:

· Textbook(s) provided for each Course, and Readers for most topics to direct your reading.

· Extensive study guides available in print and on the web. These guides are especially written and edited for distance learning purposes, usually by the author of the relevant textbook provided, with clear learning outcomes and key skills, and self-assessment questions throughout. In addition we provide a comprehensive Skills Guide.

· Postgraduate Laws Handbook containing useful information about libraries, bookshops and World Wide Web sites.

· Regulations containing important information, such as details of the Courses and Specialisations available, syllabuses, and assessment matters.

Students also have access to an online eCampus containing:
· Extensive online library resources.
· More than ten legal databases including Lexis/Nexis® and Westlaw®.
· Dedicated discussion forums for each Section - you'll encounter all kinds of people with perspectives from many different areas of the globe, including the legal professions, discover new ways of studying and no doubt make new friends.

The Faculty

The law faculty at Queen Mary and UCL plan the structure and content of the Postgraduate Laws programme, develop and write the study materials, set the examinations and mark the scripts.

Entry Requirements

This programme has multiple entry points, for both lawyers and non-lawyers. Full details are available at http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/prospective_students/postgraduate/laws/entrance.shtml

Application Procedure

There are two application deadlines each year (30 September / 28 February). To apply please go to: http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/prospective_students/postgraduate/laws/apply.shtml

Tuition and Fees

In 2016 the total fees payable to the university are: Postgraduate Certificate £3,316; Postgraduate Diploma £5,746 and Master of Laws (LLM) £8,662. A breakdown of the fees are given at: http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/prospective_students/postgraduate/laws/fees.shtml

Financial Aid

Applications are now open to Canons Collins for scholarships to study the University of London LLM. This is for nationals of South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe or Zambia


University of London is based in Bloomsbury in the heart of London. Students study independently wherever they are based in the world. We have exam centres across the world and students do not need to come to London to sit their exams.

Pre-LLM Course

Students can start their study journey with a Postgraduate Certificate in Law, whether or not they have an LLB

Programs at UoL International

Distance Learning

8,900 GBP
12 months
  • Students without a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) can start on the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and progress up
  • The LLM is studied by distance learning and can be completed in 1 to 5 years
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