University of London - LL.M. Programme

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LL.M. facts

  • Tuition 9,345 GBP

  • Duration 12 months

  • Women 50%

  • Int'l Students 20%

  • Minimum TOEFL 92

  • Minimum IELTS 6.5

  • Applicants/Year 440

Full Profile

The Program

The programme is offered online and is supported by a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and academic staff.

Your study materials are developed by academics from Queen Mary and UCL. These include a handbook, study guides, a comprehensive skills guide, and past exam papers, which will help you to prepare well for assessments.

When you register, you also receive access to your VLE for course resources and forums, and an Online Library, which holds thousands of journal articles (including legal databases).

With more than 30 specialisations and 60 courses, you can either build a broad range of skills or specialise in fields such as financial and commercial law, arbitration, international law, common law, public law, human rights, medical law, or intellectual property.

See all courses available.

The University

University of London courses have been available to study around the world since 1858, making it the world's oldest distance-learning provider.

Former students have won Nobel prizes, governed countries, and written great works of literature. They also work in the legal profession, in finance and banking, and as business leaders and managers.

The University has over 50,000 students in every corner of the globe studying more than 100 different courses. When you graduate, your globally-valued University of London award will help you to pursue sought-after careers.

The Faculty

Academic direction for the University of London LLM is provided by the Department of Law at Queen Mary (QMUL) and the Faculty of Laws at UCL. These schools plan the structure and content, develop and write your study materials, set the examination papers, and mark your scripts.

The Programme Director is Helen Xanthaki (LLB, MJur, PhD), Professor of Law at UCL. Helen specialises in legislation, legislative drafting and quality, civil law, the EU, and the Commonwealth. She works as consultant in legislative drafting to EU institutions, national governments, and international/regional organisations and trainer in legislative drafting.

Entry Requirements

The University accepts a number of qualifications for entry to the LLM, including the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) or degrees where at least half the units are law-related.

It also accepts professional qualifications, such as a pass in the Bar Vocational Course (BVC) of England and Wales or where you are a qualified solicitor or barrister in England or Wales (or the equivalent elsewhere in the world).

Otherwise, you may be admitted to the Postgraduate Certificate, and you simply progress through the awards to reach the LLM.

See full entry requirements.

Application Procedure

To apply, you complete and submit an online application form via the Postgraduate Laws course page. You will also need to attach basic evidence of your identity and prove that you meet the entry requirements (otherwise your application outcome is delayed). The University should respond within five working days.

Tuition and Fees

The total programme fees for 2018 are as follows:

  • Total LLM (16 modules) - £9,345
  • Total PG Diploma (10 modules) - £6,195
  • Total PG Certificate (5 modules) - £3,570

Pay-as-you-study options also available.

See full fees details.

Financial Aid

A performance-based LLM Scholarship is currently available in Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria and Russia. Those with the best average score across five modules will receive a scholarship worth the value of four modules (a quarter of the LLM).

If you're employed, your employer may be willing to cover part/all of the fees if you can show how this program will boost your contribution to the workplace. This LLM is ideal for employers because they get to retain you as an employee and benefit from your learning from the moment you begin.

More about the LLM Scholarship.


This course can be studied anywhere around the world by distance learning. You can also sit your exams at over 600 centres around the world.

In some parts of the world, you have the option to receive teaching support from a local teaching centre that has been approved to support the course.

More about how distance learning works.

Programs at University of London - LL.M. Programme

Distance Learning

9,345 GBP
12 months
  • Students without a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) can start on the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and progress up.
  • The LLM can be completed in 1 to 5 years.
12 months
  • Students without a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) can start on the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and progress up.
  • The LLM can be completed in 1 to 5 years.
12 months
  • Students without a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) can start on the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and progress up.
  • The LLM can be completed in 1 to 5 years.
12 months
  • Students without a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) can start on the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and progress up.
  • The LLM can be completed in 1 to 5 years.
12 months
  • Students without a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) can start on the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and progress up.
  • The LLM can be completed in 1 to 5 years.
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