University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Law School - Penn Law

3501 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6204
United States

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LL.M. facts

  • Tuition 59,382

  • Duration 12 months

  • Class Size 115

  • Intakes July

  • Minimum TOEFL 100

  • Minimum IELTS 7.0

  • Applicants/Year 1375

Programs at Penn Law


59,382 USD
12 months
  • Students can choose to pursue a Business and Law Certificate, offered through a partnership with Wharton Executive Education.
12 months
  • In order to be admitted to LLMC program, students must already have an LL.M. degree.
Winter/Spring, Fall
12 months
Health Law
IP / Tech Law
  • This degree is currently available exclusively to the Penn community - current graduate students and staff.


1 months
  • One-week immersion program in July.

By Research

19,006 USD
36 months
  • Tuition reflects cost for three years of study (in residency).
  • Different tuition rates apply to each year of studies depending on whether a student remains in residency or not.

Dual Degree

24 months
  • Offered in partnership with Sciences Po (Paris).
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StefanieSc... following LL.M. / MFS (Master's in International Finance and Law)
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VeronicaGU... following LL.M.
mskeating2... following LL.M. / MFS (Master's in International Finance and Law)
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jpreciado admitted
Pyrrhus admitted
alejanaya admitted LL.M.
Misaki60 admitted LL.M.
mghuevo admitted LL.M.
dnunes admitted LL.M.
A$AP Legal admitted LL.M.
llmusa admitted LL.M.
gamerlawye... admitted LL.M.
michal145 admitted LL.M.
A151 admitted LL.M.
99redballo... admitted LL.M.
Lekw90 admitted ---
koffie admitted LL.M.
AM1990 admitted LL.M.
Noel1995 admitted LL.M.
kurocustar... admitted LL.M.
Ballm admitted LL.M.
ersatztake... admitted LL.M.
osh22 admitted LL.M.
Ben.Campbe... admitted ---
Yubo Wang admitted LL.M.
CR1991 waitlisted LL.M.
Indian Law... waitlisted LL.M.
confidenti... waitlisted LL.M.
ultrasonic... waitlisted LL.M.
LM1066 waitlisted LL.M.
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momo1985 applied LL.M.
PeterZ applied LL.M.
felicao applied LL.M.
pletniri following LL.M.
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Hidenori N... following U.S. Business Law Certificate Program (Summer Program)
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Oleg Drozd... following LL.M.
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MFraus admitted
Fort admitted
alfn admitted LL.M.
KSRIN admitted LL.M.
flaklein admitted LL.M.
rs1989 admitted ---
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aelc admitted LL.M.
FV admitted LL.M.
taltul admitted LL.M.
ThePeaceMa... admitted LL.M.
Tax1989 admitted LL.M.
erinsp admitted LL.M.
MJF admitted LL.M.
Xea admitted LL.M.
iameaan admitted LL.M.
Riccardo T... admitted LL.M.
g.putri admitted LL.M.
DDD admitted LL.M.
vultus admitted LL.M.
taptwice admitted LL.M.
othello admitted LL.M.
uchile2017 admitted LL.M.
mdb admitted LL.M.
Riikka admitted LL.M.
belkinbori... admitted LL.M.
usukger171... admitted LL.M.
thecrown admitted LL.M.
MTLLawStud... admitted LL.M.
guiafa admitted LL.M.
Pprzz admitted LL.M.
Luciana So... admitted LL.M.
DSS91 waitlisted LL.M.
D_LLM_9018 waitlisted LL.M.
s.rath waitlisted LL.M.
aky285 waitlisted LL.M.
horsebot30... waitlisted LL.M.
elb2017 waitlisted ---
MohitAgraw... waitlisted ---
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Sherin Sus... waitlisted LL.M.
greentea waitlisted LL.M.
BaroneRoss... waitlisted LL.M.
semosso waitlisted ---
Kronald99 waitlisted LL.M.
scder rejected ---
XaviZhao rejected LL.M.
nyock8 rejected LL.M.
roaver applied LL.M.
jcastelo applied LL.M.
maquiee applied LL.M.
Ethel Fiat... following LL.M.
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Chocolocki following LL.M.
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Shun following LL.M. / MFS (Master's in International Finance and Law)
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Bellaaaa admitted
fyodor admitted LL.M.
typewriter admitted LL.M.
Chrisleeee... admitted LL.M.
mnmnm admitted LL.M.
Mogsi admitted LL.M.
htosam admitted LL.M.
jmpthresa admitted LL.M.
anna.marti... admitted LL.M.
brunoflori... admitted LL.M.
habingeorg... admitted LL.M.
claramelly admitted LL.M.
Redninja admitted LL.M.
fmms admitted LL.M.
cccccct admitted LL.M.
WAAstor admitted LL.M.
Lstudent admitted LL.M.
ANED admitted LL.M.
bernaise admitted ---
Dusan admitted LL.M.
ig. admitted LL.M.
RicC admitted ---
a2 admitted ---
BRT.LLM admitted ---
JRB admitted LL.M.
Mstudent admitted LL.M.
lml admitted LL.M.
Sama admitted LL.M.
maoch admitted LL.M.
Jlybnn waitlisted ---
Italianpee... waitlisted ---
Nico.E waitlisted ---
llm16 waitlisted ---
kusung waitlisted ---
Wandalf waitlisted ---
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IsabelleDu... waitlisted LL.M.
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ponapard waitlisted LL.M.
wigglytail waitlisted LL.M.
Luke2016 waitlisted LL.M.
thiago.mar... waitlisted LL.M.
bltl waitlisted LL.M.
jasonchu waitlisted LL.M.
Jiapplicat... rejected ---
Agoravai rejected LL.M.
13354 applied LL.M.
xthhhh applied LL.M.
llmsusan applied LL.M.
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SlowRunner following ---
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llmllmllm admitted
LL.M. admitted
AVasquez admitted
Yanagiya33 admitted
mpgrijalva admitted
CorpLaw admitted
LLMAdmis admitted ---
dyc admitted LL.M.
letor431 admitted LL.M.
UCB_LLM admitted LL.M.
sdd0307 admitted LL.M.
amirzharif... admitted LL.M.
aslic. admitted LL.M.
Fourside admitted LL.M.
GMata admitted LL.M.
TapirV admitted LL.M.
LLM_BRA admitted LL.M.
SpanishAnt admitted LL.M.
phosphor admitted LL.M.
Eponine admitted LL.M.
Adetola13 admitted LL.M.
Joy Hopefu... admitted ---
anjunior admitted LL.M.
LS2015 admitted LL.M.
vjs admitted LL.M.
Jack13 admitted LL.M.
mimullan admitted ---
FCP admitted LL.M.
snatri admitted LL.M.
Bananas200... admitted LL.M.
AS1307 admitted LL.M.
EBC admitted LL.M.
msj admitted LL.M.
lucianamar... admitted LL.M.
fiarg admitted ---
stageshow admitted LL.M.
forzik admitted ---
AlonsoSand... admitted LL.M.
bubble25 admitted LL.M.
loveathean... admitted LL.M.
marius555 admitted LL.M. waitlisted LL.M.
LLMMx waitlisted LL.M.
srf1218 waitlisted LL.M.
paxromana waitlisted LL.M.
wmendezjr waitlisted LL.M.
BrazilianC... waitlisted ---
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kingkongku... waitlisted LL.M.
Thenono waitlisted LL.M.
tsyl13 waitlisted LL.M.
cuba goodi... waitlisted LL.M.
Sunnyoong rejected LL.M.
a82345960 rejected LL.M.
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Teresaaaa applied LL.M.
zizo500 applied LL.M.
Jabba applied LL.M.
svsonawane applied LL.M.
dh0289 applied LL.M.
Candide27 applied LL.M.
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Denning123 admitted
vodka4ever admitted
leb admitted
meco admitted
Blondi_Law... admitted
arwa admitted
robikon admitted LL.M.
BCD2014 admitted LL.M.
HLSLLM15 admitted ---
Cost admitted LL.M.
FAR admitted LL.M.
macpato admitted ---
RSSR-LLM admitted LL.M.
stratochel... admitted LL.M.
Icarusf admitted ---
Gingerella admitted LL.M.
lmc admitted ---
chris9 admitted LL.M.
lnisiyama admitted LL.M.
llm1801 admitted LL.M.
HopefulCan... admitted LL.M.
Nelson95 admitted LL.M.
broke admitted LL.M.
Oneone admitted LL.M.
MCasasM admitted ---
Zyron admitted LL.M.
Serena admitted LL.M.
LawSnake admitted LL.M.
Dotting admitted LL.M.
GoLLM2014 admitted LL.M.
llm7 admitted LL.M.
BMO admitted LL.M.
D. WEST admitted LL.M.
Tsuki admitted LL.M.
yuming admitted ---
LLMAspiran... admitted LL.M.
AleIta88 admitted LL.M.
SMB1988 waitlisted LL.M.
littleBug waitlisted LL.M.
Rhea waitlisted LL.M.
anushree87 waitlisted ---
wawachang waitlisted LL.M.
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YenjuLin waitlisted LL.M.
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chanmatthe... waitlisted LL.M.
jessie1617 waitlisted LL.M.
balancetal... waitlisted LL.M.
AYearInDub... waitlisted LL.M.
gcb rejected LL.M.
Mayast rejected ---
CrossedFin... rejected ---
Fred75 rejected LL.M.
hierichu rejected LL.M.
Samyak rejected LL.M.
clemMa rejected LL.M.
MG86 applied LL.M.
RunRun applied LL.M.
SK3 applied LL.M.
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I.Liu applied LL.M.
Alipay applied LL.M.
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lkraemerr admitted ---
LiegeLLMSt... admitted LL.M.
idodee admitted LL.M.
mephisto_f... admitted LL.M.
Kat14 admitted ---
Dibar admitted LL.M.
lijunghuan... admitted LL.M.
greengills admitted LL.M.
AnujAg admitted LL.M.
Dan726 admitted LL.M.
Dargwen admitted LL.M.
guybrush admitted LL.M.
bluecrown admitted ---
LLM2013/20... admitted LL.M.
bembi_a admitted LL.M.
coa19 admitted LL.M.
tony123 admitted LL.M.
Ali22 admitted LL.M.
yb5 admitted LL.M.
AUOP4 admitted LL.M.
gass- admitted LL.M.
tokyo2013 waitlisted LL.M.
mdm31 waitlisted LL.M.
Roroto waitlisted LL.M.
AliceD waitlisted ---
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beckybecky waitlisted LL.M.
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PointBlank waitlisted LL.M.
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Marsiho rejected LL.M.
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Rox_M rejected LL.M.
SECKT rejected LL.M.
Dubai_123 rejected LL.M.
Rocker applied LL.M.
tatsqij applied LL.M.
Julius Cae... applied LL.M.
veronzhang applied LL.M.
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lawisjust admitted
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diegoag admitted
jp36978 admitted
Martin0815 admitted ---
Arishka admitted ---
titire admitted LL.M.
PatriciaCh... admitted LL.M.
alisonsych... admitted LL.M.
kollaps admitted ---
alito690 admitted LL.M.
smi admitted ---
Adam Gibso... admitted LL.M.
Denikin admitted LL.M.
SF15 admitted LL.M.
iruy admitted ---
chicagollm admitted LL.M.
Daniechava admitted LL.M.
C.Sophie admitted LL.M.
Morrissey admitted LL.M.
jm1982 admitted LL.M.
xinranx admitted LL.M.
bcordeiro admitted LL.M.
ghm admitted ---
Lilimm admitted LL.M.
D.A. admitted LL.M.
MJON admitted LL.M.
AprilZeng admitted LL.M.
LLMBV admitted LL.M.
kb_2012 admitted LL.M.
pl2012 admitted LL.M.
Taiwangirl admitted LL.M.
memo_z admitted LL.M.
hydro87 admitted LL.M.
llm2012app... admitted LL.M.
bcabeca admitted LL.M.
mishan admitted LL.M.
buches admitted LL.M.
Basilius admitted LL.M.
253 admitted LL.M.
marucapadi... admitted LL.M.
SophieD admitted LL.M.
Stoi waitlisted ---
rsnbrgamir waitlisted ---
polwach waitlisted LL.M.
ThibaultFr waitlisted LL.M.
miupink waitlisted LL.M.
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vincentrk waitlisted LL.M.
RonyD waitlisted LL.M.
raines waitlisted LL.M.
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annazhx waitlisted LL.M.
honesty rejected LL.M.
llm_ipr applied LL.M.
arboleda08... applied LL.M.
Pinz applied LL.M.
minal applied LL.M.
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JulArg admitted
rex7 admitted
camyphr admitted
ringirl admitted
andyllop admitted
dcb_1982 admitted
acba admitted
RPFUGB admitted LL.M.
JOPO admitted LL.M.
xqw admitted LL.M.
RH0202 admitted LL.M.
633SP admitted LL.M.
BAPP admitted LL.M.
MNNM admitted LL.M.
appleice admitted LL.M.
Aussiegirl admitted LL.M.
pcroat admitted LL.M.
Spikee7288... admitted LL.M.
tinysea admitted ---
Int. Lawye... admitted ---
C_Lawyer admitted ---
fenomeno admitted ---
Freckles admitted ---
LLM20011US admitted ---
Quebec admitted LL.M.
odysseus admitted LL.M.
Borderline admitted LL.M.
Ranger admitted LL.M.
applicant2... admitted LL.M.
livingonap... admitted LL.M.
mp89 admitted LL.M.
Eden_K admitted LL.M.
5CL admitted LL.M.
blueskygir... admitted LL.M.
Toblerone admitted LL.M.
SilentS admitted LL.M.
shrihi admitted LL.M.
vindhyas waitlisted LL.M.
tugett waitlisted LL.M.
MonsieurX waitlisted LL.M.
masterkell... waitlisted ---
penguinmar... waitlisted ---
jessgiwang waitlisted LL.M.
Simpy waitlisted ---
Medland waitlisted LL.M.
lex81 waitlisted LL.M.
Aky waitlisted LL.M.
tktk waitlisted LL.M.
sapphire waitlisted LL.M.
steamer3 waitlisted LL.M.
krampik rejected LL.M.
leolusvarg... rejected LL.M.
bless2011 rejected LL.M.
K!! rejected LL.M.
Ligia applied ---
kuching applied LL.M.
pingusita applied LL.M.
shanshumei applied LL.M.
tiagocs applied LL.M.
pipitsua applied LL.M.
rillshiegi... applied LL.M.
dlm applied LL.M.
LordoftheM... applied LL.M.
mohbig applied LL.M.
-- applied LL.M.
zhouningbe... applied LL.M.
LittleStro... following LL.M.
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Omarafkhed... following ---
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bubbag admitted ---
Worldandwi... admitted ---
Applicant2... admitted LL.M.
clarapujol admitted ---
mgm admitted LL.M.
flims admitted ---
Zorro admitted ---
Rhino2010 admitted ---
losinghope waitlisted ---
littlelawy... waitlisted ---
cheshireca... waitlisted LL.M.
azuramoyv waitlisted ---
nandinik waitlisted ---
kf2125 waitlisted ---
SnowBerry rejected LL.M.
Triple M rejected ---
shinjyo rejected LL.M.
FM2010 applied ---
katie_1217 applied ---
Objection! applied ---
Lostlawyer applied ---
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