Hi all!
I graduated my 5 year LLB Course from India in 2022 with a 62% marks overall. This qualifies as First Class Level Marks here.
I have few internship experience during my law school days.
Soon after i completed my Law school, i have been working (on the litigation/disputes side) and am gaining quite some experience too.
Last couple months, i have been accepting some amount of pro bono legal works from clients who genuinely require legal aid/support viz. matrimonial disputes, property disputes among others (From those underprivileged people)
I have started doing my research in my areas of interest viz. international arbitration, Constitutionalism and intend publishing my paper. (Not published any yet)
I am also pursuing my part time LLM Program (online - Remote Study) at University of London which i enrolled into last year (2023)

I aim to apply for Columbia, NYU, UChicago, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Cornell, UPenn

But i feel my marks in Law School are a bit low.

However, i am ready to wait for a year, gain some work-ex and further build my profile.

Any Advice guys regarding my marks/work ex?

Many thanks guys!

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