Top LL.M. Programs for International Tax Law 2018

Globalization has created opportunities and challenges for the world’s international businesses, policymakers and governments. Taxing international dealings appropriately – and getting the best deal at the other end – has become a complicated task that demands experts in the field of international tax law. For those looking to comprehend how tax regimes around the world interact, LL.M.s in international taxation as well as related master’s degrees provide the opportunity to study how citizens, businesses and governments manage the challenges of international taxation. For those who pursue an LL.M. concentration in international tax law, careers in global corporations, policymaking, accountancy and government await.

New York City, New York 1754 Followers 1498 Discussions

NYU’s LL.M. in International Tax Law offers a foundation in the US’ international tax law system and provides students with an understanding of the globalization of tax law principles and practices. As well as classes in international tax treaties, policy and regional tax systems, the school also offers training in advanced tax research technology. NYU School of Law’s faculty and alumni publish a range of tax law research every year.

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Leiden, Netherlands 480 Followers 436 Discussions

Leiden University is home to two related LL.M. programs in international tax law. The Master of Advanced Studies in European Tax Law allows students to focus in one of three areas: direct taxation, indirect taxation or State Aid Law. Meanwhile, the International Tax Law specialism covers tax treaties, transfer pricing and international planning strategies in company and estate taxation. These programs are hosted by the International Tax Center at Leiden, which also actively produces relevant research.

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Maastricht, Netherlands 201 Followers 182 Discussions
Maastricht University

Maastricht University’s LL.M. in International and European Tax Law covers corporate taxation and international tax planning, along with related economic, legal and social subjects. In 2016, Maastricht also launched a double LL.M. in International and European Taxation, in cooperation with the University of Aruba. The Maastricht Centre of Taxation produces international taxation research.

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Vienna, Austria 32 Followers 43 Discussions
WU Executive Academy

WU Executive Academy's International Tax Law LL.M. focuses on tax law regimes of different countries, as well as on business administration. Courses cover tax systems in Germany, the US, India and Australasia, among others, as well as global trends in GST (or VAT), tax planning and tax policymaking, including in the EU. The Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law is housed at the university.

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Tilburg, Netherlands 186 Followers 156 Discussions

For those interested in corporate tax specifically, Tilburg University is home to an LL.M. in International Business Tax Law. The program educates students in how multinational corporations, policymakers and governments manage complex international tax issues. The university’s Fiscal Institute Tilburg (FIT) conducts research in Dutch and international taxation.

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London, United Kingdom 587 Followers 858 Discussions

Taxation has been taught at the London School of Economics, in one form or another, since 1895. Today its LL.M. offers a Taxation specialism. This internationally focused specialism provides understanding of international tax systems, current ideas in tax legislation and policymaking, and comparative studies of corporate taxation, among other subjects. The faculty – which includes several highly-regarded UK tax practitioners – produces research and holds regular events and seminars on taxation.

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Melbourne, Australia 168 Followers 96 Discussions
Melbourne Law School

The University of Melbourne’s Master of International Tax is available to both law and non-law graduates seeking global context for their tax law practice. Students learn how individuals and businesses manage foreign income, how tax systems operate in a global economy and the role of the OECD and the UN in managing bi-lateral tax treaties, among other subjects. Melbourne Law School’s Tax Group is home to international taxation research and hosts regular events.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands 274 Followers 144 Discussions

The University of Amsterdam’s International Tax Law LL.M., which covers topics in European and international tax law, is offered in collaboration with the international tax research foundation IBFD. The faculty teaches courses on tax policy around the world with a view to development, as well as the practical application of international tax law. The University’s Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law is a research center focused on corporate taxation and European tax law.

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London, United Kingdom 746 Followers 778 Discussions

The LL.M. in Tax Law offered by Queen Mary University of London has a comparative law focus. Course content covers a range of international jurisdictions including the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union and China. The program also offers classes in specific subject areas like transfer pricing and intellectual property taxation. QMUL’s School of Tax Law runs related programs, events and produces international tax law research.

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Oxford, United Kingdom 675 Followers 773 Discussions

Oxford University has an MSc in Taxation, offered by its law school in cooperation with the university’s Saïd Business School. The program was designed by a combination of lawyers and economists, creating an interdisciplinary program aimed at practitioners of law and accounting looking to improve their understanding of tax law—both domestic and International—with a business focus. Oxford also offers an MJur with the possibility to specialize in Tax Law. Although Oxford’s Centre for Business Taxation is housed at the business school, the Faculty of Law plays a key role in its research production.

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