Halo, i am now in a bachelor degree law study in my country, Indonesia. I already have a bachelor degree in Accounting before and i take law school because i'm working in government area, specifically in tax.
I have interest to get LLM in International Taxation in 2023 or 2024, so i want to prepare everything.
I am interested in Uni in Netherland because we have similar system (Civil Law). Indonesia's law also comes from Dutch law. But some Uni like KCL or QMUL are interesting too, but UK have different system (Common Law).
If i take KCL or QMUL, would it be hard for me to adapt in study since we have different system of law?
Or it would be better if i just take Uni in Netherland? Please inform me guys, if you have any opinion. I really hope for your answers. Thank you all