Aside the actual ugly coronavirus situation which affects a lot of people but

Viadrina IHL International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law was and is a fake

Promotion of Occidentalist Western Eurocentric Lockean individualistic human rights model where is no such thing as a society /Thatcher/ and solidarity is a forgotten issue

Despite mostly good lectures where one can discuss freely there are some incompetent but important profs who dislike attitudes different than theirs However those profs show that later in an ambush on their exams/essays

No profs creativity No Think Different (Apple Corp) but a Foucouldian disciplination of students relying on Geek (Streber) hyperpositivism and hyperformalism

Emphasizing international human rights order and its today almost obsolete juridical activism comittees but downgrading of the roles of national states Alike those who do not have good human rights records by so called ratings of NGOs or for those countries who would like to approach to Europea model

In Viadrina lectures and exams narratives sovereign countries are called humoristically Franconia Demonia Paconia etc but no international institution is called Euromania or alike on the same humoristic way which is an inherent bias

Profs mostly do not have knowledge of postmodernism or on religions thus avoiding such discussions or penalizing them in later ambush of their exams/essays

Chair of the Study prof emeritus Rowe who is not a PhD but a LLM declares himself I am a Boss but as a qualification for his Antidiscrimination course has one article of a size of student's essay

Chair Prof Rowe LLM disoriented in time and space poses in his Antidiscrimination exam question How would you as an adviser of the minister in a country that dislikes LGBTQ persons improve their position Prof is not satisfied by the answer lets improve antidiscrimination in education or employment but insists why would you not propose homosexual marriage there

Because I am not an idiot my dear Euroliberal prof nor my minister is an idiot neither I regard myself as Euroliberal provocateur in my so called outdated or not enough progressive country

Rules on the Study are not the same for all alike for issues of plagiarism
Prof dr Piotrowicz Migration Law GRETA expert is a recidivist plagiarist since years repeating in his principal educational material use of otherones photos without crediting them with no consequences

but for such plagiarism offences several students were pressured to withdraw from the study

Expert prof dr Piotrowicz in Migration Law SuSe2020 edu material forgets to mention the most recent ECtHR GC judgement Nt and TN v Spain on Mellila migrants pushbacks which is opposite to earlier permissivist ECtHR GC judgement Hirsi Jamaa because such judicial development does not fit to his biased stances

Prof dr Piotrowicz would not pass his own exam Migration Law as in his educational material he quotes the whole 3 pages of the EU countries Turkey migrant agreement 2016 but does not provide a word if his expert comment of it However students are required to comment not just to quote

There is an unhealthy academic apartheid between untouchable pharaonic profs and students

False advertisment of Viadrina LLM IHRHL mandatory and optional courses on web Thus when students pay their fees and come to study they recognize the Viadrina Study has decided what will be the optional studies instead if students consumers

For years is falsely advertised optional Media Law course which was never performed because there was not a prof speaking English enough

Appeals of students exist from 2017 but are futile as always the profs have to be right or appeal is put on not yet processed status for years

Viadrina IHL says no politics on the study only the positive law matters But Chair of the Study prof Rowe permits himself to critisise Donald Trump ex cathedra on lecture Beware the different thinking students on his exams or appeals in his ambush later

Academic freedom is on Viadrina IHL mostly an arrogant indoctrination of some apt models of Euroliberal human rights With cultural neocolonialist pretensions to enlight those called underdeveloped or not enough progressive or regarded as retards

Viadrina IHL internship site is full of promigration vacancies where the top of disorientation was publishing promigrant vacancies in Ukraine March 2020 while coronavirus lockdowns in whole Europe for Ukraine oh oh my profs from Mars have you landed on the troubled Earth and seeing whats going on here and what are the human rights topics now

Fascism is and has to be prohibited in Germany but liberal fascism is promoted on Viadrina

CDU president of Federal German Parliament Wolfgang Schauble CDU discussing German Grundgesetz Constitutional right to dignity and to life for corona elder on an eugenic way Well we can discuss to put corona elder on apparatuses if they would otherwise die of other commorbidity in some time Despite in Germany there was no crowds of corona patients in hospitals

Fascist Francist general Millan Astray 1936 shouted on lecture of Miguel Unamuno rector of Salamanca University Viva la muerte Long live the Death

What is now shouting mr Wolfgang Schauble on right to life of the corona elder

Sweden health service was leaked with ordinance to give to the elder corona not apparatuses but morphine lets get rid of them smoothly those who have built our country
Thank you European elder for building today Europe and building us and now we shall get rid of you smoothly

These all are not the topics to be discussed in European Culture of Death or Viva la muerte oh Europe Thus in liberal fascism there is No country for the old Man Cormac McCarthy in Europe Coronacrisis has apparently shown what could be visible before

If you mention any religious concept of human rights being it hypersecularist CouncilofEurope total public niqab ban or mention of European Culture of Death as named it some Popes or you try to critisise CoE Eminent Persons Joschka Fischer Emma Bonino Javier Solana Danuta Huebner et al proactive idiotic concept Living Together you will be discarded in your exam/essay ambush soon

SoLange legal doctrine of BundesVerfassungsGerichtDe Federal Constitutional Court Germany The constitutionl judges are sitting on the bridge across the Rhein border river in Karlsruhe and observing legal flow from the EU and CJEU Luxemb to Germany Thus was 5 May 2020 discarded - after 28 years of waiting on bridge ambush - the CJEU preliminary judgement Weiss et al. regarding proportionality of the Euro currency pumping quantitative easing policy of the ECB into corona failed economy

As Germany does not want to pump Euro to the corona troubled South Europe Which is the direction to the end of the EU and European law legal supremacy institued yet in 60ies in Van Gend and Loos etc CJEU judgements then preserving the EC unity of common market

You will not hear from disoriented profs on Viadrina IHL nothing on that as so called important Viadrina issues are only LGBT rights and advanced feminism and unselective proimigration supported by opinions of superclever international committee experts And not the crash of the whole international multilateral legal order and rise of sovereignism and power relations where the EU is lost

Hey students from Africa do not imitate the EU in AU as the EU is a fake as well as Viadrina pharaohic untouchable profs dwarfs indoctrinators of it

Es por ventura el Don Quijote e solo una bufonada asked Jose Ortega y Gasset
Ist etwa der Don Quixote nur eine Posse asked Hermann Cohen

Is the Don Quijote indeed only a bufoonery asked the once upon a time Viadrina ambitious foreign student after passing 14 exams but stopped in an ambush of the last 15 th CPR exam on niqab ban topic

The Europe is dying while the Titanic orchestra is playing fancy human rights individualistic songs But Don Quijote lives for ever

Good Viadrina bibliotheque good mensa and friendly students from all over the world as far as now as well as possiblity to discuss on lectures and several good lecturers who are capable and not revengeous is not enough to waste your time and money studying in Viadrina IHRHL LLM

Consider and check this before payment of fees and start of the study There are also other LLM studies in the world

Don Quijote Viadrina survivor student