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The University

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is characterised by a tolerant, open and international academic tradition dating back to 1632. The University of Amsterdam scores highly in the Times Higher Education, Shanghai, Leiden and Centre of Higher Education Development university rankings. We are ranked among the top 30 universities in Europe and the top 100 worldwide.

Some 3,000 international degree and exchange students from over 90 countries are presently enrolled at the UvA. They are actively supported by UvA staff and fellow students during their time in Amsterdam. The UvA helps with practical matters such as opening a bank account, applying for visas and finding accommodation.

The study programmes at the UvA offer students a high level of autonomy, reflecting the respect for individual opinions and convictions so characteristic of Dutch society. The result is an interactive teaching style that encourages students to develop self-reliance and independent thought. Teaching and research are closely linked in all Bachelor's and Master's programmes at the UvA.

The Law School

The Amsterdam Law School of the University of Amsterdam has a long standing tradition of offering English taught LL.M. programmes. The programmes draw students from all over the world, which brings a truly international atmosphere to the Law School.

The LL.M. programmes are designed to qualify their graduates for international careers in European and international institutions, international business, law firms, government departments and nongovernmental organizations. They also provide a strong writing and research basis for those seeking to write a Ph.D. in the fields of international and European (public or private) law.

The Amsterdam Law School offers a great variety of specialized courses. Professors of the Law School all participate in the Faculty research institutes and bring current insights and developments into their teaching.

The Amsterdam Law School and Columbia Law School present the LLM in International Criminal Law.

Amsterdam Law School: programmes.

The Program

The Amsterdam Law School offers the following LL.M. programmes:

European Private Law
This Master's programme provides students with a unique opportunity to specialise in EU Civil and Commercial Law, with a coherent set of courses covering the issues central to the Europeanisation of private law. The University of Amsterdam houses the Center for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL), which conducts research specifically on the consequences of European integration and globalisation for private law. The lecturers of the course offered in the Master European Private Law are generally members of this research group and have different European backgrounds. Students are invited to participate in the bi-weekly guest seminars organized by the CSECL.

International Criminal Law
Columbia University School of Law and the Amsterdam Law School offer a joint LLM programme in International Criminal Law. The Master's programme in International Criminal Law is the first programme to focus on international criminal law as a distinct field of legal study. The central aim of the programme is to train a new style of international criminal lawyers by offering a broad and deep understanding of relevant issues and supporting the development of academic skills through the analysing of such issues.

International and European Law: European Competition Law and Regulation
The European Competition Law and Regulation programme offers a unique opportunity to specialise in competition law and study the regulatory framework applicable to economic activities in Europe. The programme combines both theory and practice in a distinct manner and is taught by highly qualified international and European lawyers and lecturers.

International and European Law: European Union Law
The European Union Law track will provide you with a solid foundation in EU law. In addition, the programme offers a large number of optional courses given by experts, that you can use to construct a personalised specialisation, focusing e.g. on European competition law, European environmental law, European migration law, European criminal law, Law of the internal market, European constitutional law, European administrative law, or law of the economic and monetary union.

International and European Law: International Trade and Investment Law
International trade and investment are driving forces in the world economy and its increasing globalization. This master track focuses on the international law that governs these economic relations for states and regions.

International and European Law: Public International Law
The Public International Law track is taught by leading international law scholars with a high academic reputation and broad experience in the practice of international law. In addition to lectures, most courses are taught in smaller seminars or working groups allowing for a challenging exchange of ideas on the latest developments and academic insights in this dynamic area of law

International Tax Law: Principles, Policy and Practice
International Tax Law: Principles, Policy and Practice, is an advanced master's track that provides you a thorough grounding in the theoretical and practical issues of international tax law and a detailed consideration of the policy options available to states at different stages of development. International Tax Law is a one-year, full-time programme that will be given in close cooperation with IBFD, a world-renowned research centre and publisher in international tax law based in Amsterdam.

Research master Information Law (2-year programme)
The Research Master's in Information Law provides ambitious students with the legal skills that will enable them to tackle the complex legal issues that arise in an information society, both from a scientific and practical perspective. The programme offers outstanding students, who demonstrate an interest in scientific research in the field of information law, the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of subjects relevant to information law. At the same time, students are trained in research skills.

Research master Public International Law (2-year programme)
The two-year Research Masters programme in Public International Law aims to give students knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of public international law. In particular, the programme focusses on the key areas of the international rule of law, legal science and international legal research. At the same time, students will acquire the skills they need in order to apply their knowledge to conduct fundamental and applied research.

The Faculty

The faculty includes lawyers and scholars of international repute. Faculty members are active in various research institutes, while maintaining strong ties with the corporate world. Many staff members are also legal practitioners with experience in cases before national, European and international courts, bringing current and practical insights and developments into their teaching.

Entry Requirements

Law library

Law library

* An academic level comparable to a Dutch Bachelor of Laws.

* A basic knowledge of European law. The Amsterdam Law School offers a remedial course in European Union Law, starting in September. Credits earned in this course are not included in the required 60 ECTS credits.

* A basic knowledge of Public International Law (required for International and European Law programmes, and the International Criminal Law programmes). The Amsterdam Law School offers a remedial course in Public International Law, starting in September. Credits earned in this course are not included in the required 60 ECTS credits.

* In an international environment, a sufficient mastery of the English language is critical for academic success. The Amsterdam Law School accepts the following tests and results:
- TOEFL: minimum score 100 iBT with at least 25 for reading and listening skills and 24 for speaking and writing skills.
- IELTS: minimum overall score of 7.0, with no individual results below 6.0
- A Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) certificate.

The Amsterdam Law School only accepts English language proficiency test results that are no more than one year old at the time of application.

Requirements may differ per programme, please read more here:

Application Procedure

Applications for admission to the LL.M. programmes commencing 1 September 2017 need to be filed before 1 April 2017. Application is done online through our website.

Applications for admission to the LL.M. programmes in February 2017 need to be filed before 1 November 2016.

The University of Amsterdam assists international students with their visa, residence permit and enrolment at the University. After you have been admitted to the Amsterdam Law School you will receive detailed information taking you step-by-step through the whole procedure from admission to enrolment.

More practical information.

Tuition and Fees

Click our website for more information

Financial Aid

Students from outside of the European Economic Area can apply for an Amsterdam Merit scholarship, Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship or Holland Scholarship. For further details please visit our website.


Amsterdam Law School
Oudemanhuispoort 4-6
1012 CN Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Like most Dutch universities, the University of Amsterdam does not have a campus, and demand for student housing in Amsterdam is high. To assist international students in finding appropriate accommodation, the university has signed agreements with various housing corporations. These corporations offer furnished accommodation to students for one or two semesters only.

The university accommodation is located in different areas of Amsterdam and Diemen. Room types and locations can range from a flat with other students to small scale accommodation. All different student buildings can be reached easily from the city centre by public transport or by bike. Although there are student accommodations at different locations and different parts of the city, it is not possible to apply for a specific one.

For more information about housing, visit our website:

Student Life

Watch our student films.

Summer Program

**3-28 July 2017**

For more than 50 years, students and professionals from all over the world have joined us in the picturesque Dutch cities of Leiden or Amsterdam for the Columbia Summer Program to learn about all aspects of American Law taught by distinguished Professors from Columbia University, New York.

The Program is held in alternate summers, for the full month of July, in Leiden and Amsterdam. This year the Program will be held in Amsterdam.

Recent students - and students from many years past - have given overwhelmingly enthusiastic evaluations of the Program. Former students - who are now distinguished judges, political leaders, senior attorneys, business executives, and law professors - participate in great numbers in formal Program reunions and in smaller informal reunions in many countries.

At the end of the Program, students are awarded a Certificate of Participation. If they wish to take a final examination, they may obtain 6 EC (European credits, ECTS) toward degrees at their home universities

For more information:

Programs at Amsterdam


February,  September
12 months
  • Non-EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 14740 EUR
February,  September
12 months
  • Non-EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 14740 EUR
February,  September
12 months
  • Non-EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 14740 EUR
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February,  September
12 months
  • Non-EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 14740 EUR
February,  September
24 months
  • Non-EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 14740 EUR
February,  September
24 months
  • Non-EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 14740 EUR

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