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Academy Building

Ever since its establishment in 1614 the University of Groningen has been educating people to serve society. All this knowledge and experience has stimulated the University to become what it is now: a modern, international university where work is being carried out at the frontiers of knowledge. It is a university with its own character, partly due to its geographical situation in the north of the country. The University of Groningen not only admitted the first-ever female student in the country but also produced the first Dutch space traveller: pioneering is a trait that is fundamental to this university.

The Law School

All English-taught programmes are coordinated by the International Office of the Faculty of Law in Groningen. The Faculty of Law has established a strong international component to its education, which has led to one English-taught Bachelor of Laws programme (International and European Law) and seven English-taught Master of Laws programmes. Besides these programmes, the faculty has been a pioneer in student exchange ever since the end of the 1980s and has a blooming exchange programme with many excellent academic partners worldwide.

The Program

The Faculty of Law in Groningen offers the following English-taught master programmes:

- Energy & Climate Law (Top LLM-Guide Energy Law Programme)
- European Economic Law
- Global Criminal Law
International Business Law
International Commercial Law
- International Human Rights Law (Top Programme in the Netherlands)
- Public International Law (Top Programme in the Netherlands)

The Faculty

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen is a modern, internationally oriented institution that has existed for nearly four centuries. Since it has the ambition to measure itself with the best law faculties in Europe, advanced systems of quality control have been implemented to continuously improve the Faculty's research and education. And although the Faculty has grown to become one of the largest law faculties in the Netherlands, it has kept its friendly and informal atmosphere and its concern for good relations amongst its staff, students and alumni. In addition the Faculty has a long-standing reputation in several fields of public international law and specialised subjects such as administrative relations between individuals and the State; peace and security co-operation; constitutional institutions and their relationship; criminality in a changing society; socio-economic and company law; the principles of Roman Law; Byzantine law, and the interdisciplinary study of law.

Entry Requirements

A detailed explanation of admissions requirements for the LLM programmes can be found here.

Application Procedure

The only way to apply for our LLM programmes is to use our Online Application System (OAS). You can find instructions on how to go through the procedure on here.

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fees can be seen in the different LLM programme descriptions which you can find here.

Financial Aid

There are scholarships available for students of our LLM programmes. To learn more about the possibilities, you can check University of Groningen Grantfinder. You can fill your details into the scholarship wizard, which will give you all scholarship opportunities that are available to you.


Groningen is an old but modern city of about 200,000 inhabitants, is the cultural, commercial and business capital of the province of the same name in the north of the Netherlands. It was founded over 950 years ago and is a centre of trade and transport, culture, education and science. It has two large hospitals, several theatres and museums, bookshops specialized in all European languages, and art galleries. Its industry includes sugar, tobacco and coffee factories, and the printing of schoolbooks. Groningen is a University city; the presence of the University staff and students can be felt in all aspects of city life. But it is not only the University that leaves its mark. Other educational facilities, vocational training, art academy, etc. also give the city a very special and particularly youthful character. Over 50% of the inhabitants are under 35! The Faculty of Law is located right in the middle of town, around the corner from the main building of the university, the Academy Building. The official address is Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26.


The University of Groningen does not have a campus, which means that the University of Groningen itself does not have rooms available for students. But Groningen has a separate organization for this, called SSH. They have all kinds of accommodation available for international students. Pictures and prices are available here.

Student Life

What will probably strike you most when entering Groningen is its youthful population. About a quarter of the city's entire population consists of students. You will find them everywhere, studying in the park, riding a bike, or having a drink with fellow students in one of the many pubs. With the city's many bars, restaurants, theatres, museums and sports facilities, you will never be bored. But if you do feel like leaving the vibrant city life, the countryside is never far away; many students take day- and weekend-trips to the islands in the 'Wadden Sea'. Studying at the University of Groningen is more than just attending lectures and passing exams. Groningen has a rich student life with many facilities for the vastly growing international group of students and staff. Feel free to take a virtual tour of our University. You can also find us on YouTube and Facebook.

News from Groningen

School News Mar 01, 2017

Groningen again ranked the top-spot to study international law in the Netherlands! >more

School News Mar 14, 2017

University of Groningen Among Top 10 Places in the World to Study Energy Law >more

Event Jan 31, 2017

Visit the University of Groningen, Faculty of Law at education events in the UK, Greece, and Romania this Spring 2017. >more

School News Jan 24, 2017

University of Groningen Faculty of Law the top-spot for studying international law in the Netherlands in 2016 >more

School News Jan 16, 2017

University of Groningen Faculty of Law alumnus Mutangana appointed as Prosecutor General of Rwanda. >more

Programs at Groningen


12 months
  • EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 2006 EUR
12 months
  • EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 2006 EUR
12 months
  • EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 2006 EUR
12 months
  • EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 2006 EUR
12 months
  • EU/EEA resident tuition rate: 2006 EUR
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24 months
  • Program and degree are offered jointly by Universities of Groningen, Aberdeen, Copenhagen and Oslo
  • Program is executive style with four (4) two-week blocks, one at each university, in the first year and a thesis in the last year

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