Someone noted "Because it's Harvard. No way I would waste my time doing that LLM. Go to NYU, Florida, or GTown (and possibly Miami if you want to do international work AND you get a free ride)"

The amount of misinformation is amazing here. Let me share my opinion as a practicing tax lawyer for many years.
First, Miami has some benefits that many of the others don't have. They not only have a GREAT reputation in tax but have arguably one of the best estate planning programs in the US since it is tied in with their Heckerling Institute. In addition, they have strong related programs in elder law ( as a result of the older population in Miami) and in international law due to their major tie-ins with central and south america.

In addition, most of the tax faculty were current tax partners with top firms. They were NOT just academic types. This led to a tremendous amount practical information not ordinarily available in some other schools.
Personally, regardless of the rankings, I would place it above University of Florida for tax, especially if you are also interested in estate planning and elder planning.

Secondly, as for the Big 4 hiring you, they will usually take anyone out of the top 10-20 schools. Miami always has big 4 partners recruiting there. I was a recruiter for Touche Ross, which was the predecessor of Deloite Touche. We routinely hired Miami law school grads with good grades.

Thirdly, as for law firms, I don't believe from my experience that University of Florida grads get more or even better interviews for tax positions. Maybe going to schools like Northwestern, and NYU and Georgetown ( particularly if Marty Ginsberg is still teaching there) would be a bit better for recruiting possibilities,but Miami grads in LLM Tax due quite well .. In fact, Miami usually provides more scholarship money than the others noted and might well be the better financial deal.

Miami also offers a joint JS/LLM that can be finished in three and one half years, which could significantly cut overall tuition expenses. I don't know if the other top programs offer this option.

Bottom line: Do NOT discount Miami's tax and estate planning programs. They are well known and quite good.