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101 Paul W. Bryant Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0382
United States

International LL.M. facts

  • Tuition 38,820

  • Duration 12 months

  • Intakes September

  • Minimum TOEFL 100

  • Minimum IELTS 6.5

Full Profile

The Program

The University of Alabama School of Law Graduate Department offers two online graduate degree programs.The LL.M. in Taxation and the LL.M. Concentration in Business Transactions are professional LL.M. programs designed for outstanding candidates who cannot attend classes on campus.

The graduate concentration in Taxation provides an educational opportunity to obtain an advanced degree in tax law that is both broad-based but also in-depth. Students can choose electives allowing for concentrations in either Estate Planning or Business Tax.

The graduate concentration in Business Transactions trains lawyers to serve the needs of clients throughout the life cycle of a business venture. The program offers technical training and skills based instruction all through live, interactive online technologies.

The expectation is that students enrolled in Alabama's LL.M. programs will remain employed in a position that permits them to apply what they are learning during the program. Many students bring their current and prior experience into the classroom to enrich the learning experience of their fellow students. Second or third year law students may also apply.

The Law School

The University of Alabama School of Law is a top-tier law school and is consistently ranked among the top public law schools in the country.

The Faculty

Thanks to this online technology, you can learn from distinguished tax or business law professors and experienced attorneys from across the nation. Faculty members have both academic and practical experiences. They are all acknowledged experts in their areas of expertise and are skilled at facilitating classroom interaction among students.

Working with other students is an important part of any LL.M. program. You will learn as much from the experience and insights of your classmates as you will from the instructors, and you will be expected to contribute to the discussions. You will meet with other students at a first summer orientation session and at a second summer comprehensive exam session, both at the University or Alabama School of Law. Through these meetings the program’s student profiles, you will be able to network during and after your two-year program. The live classrooms, chat capability and study rooms all permit you to interact with your peers as you would in an on-campus setting.

Entry Requirements

Candidates for the LL.M. degree must have a law degree and an academic record reflecting an ability to perform graduate level work. The Graduate Admissions Committee will review all applications for admission evaluating each candidate based on the likelihood of success in the program. As the primary indicator of success in the program, the Committee will consider prior performance in undergraduate and law school. However, the Committee will also take into account relevant practical experience. The Law School does not require letters of recommendation and interviews for the Graduate Programs.

Application Procedure

An applicant may apply in one of three ways.

Apply online
Mail in the PDF version of the application
Complete an LSAC Electronic Application

Tuition and Fees

The rate for Fall 2017 is $1,574 per credit hour. Tuition for in-state and out-of-state students is the same rate. The program is 24 credit hours.   

Financial Aid

Although the Law School does not offer other scholarships, the program offers a research course which also permits students to be 1/2 time and thus eligible for Federal Financial Aid.



The hallmark of the Alabama's LL.M. Graduate Programs is the use of internet technology to offer live classes. Classes are scheduled two evenings a week. Students and professors communicate with one another in real time, through microphones and video-cameras connected to their computers. The technology also makes it possible for students to chat online or in discussion groups and for a professor to share control of a desktop application (like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint). Students may participate from any location with a high speed Internet connection. The program is supported by a website, which provides supplemental course materials and video and audio podcasts of previously-recorded classes. This innovative use of technology allows students more time to meet professional commitments. It maintains consistency and keeps students in contact with their instructors and peers—essential components of the learning experience.


Alabama’s Graduate Tax and Business Programs are different from:

· Other full-time tax or business programs because students continue to work while they study and are generally more experienced.

· Most distance learning programs because our instruction is offered through cutting-edge technology that provides live lectures over the Internet, through video, audio, and chat. Live, real-time lectures permit students to ask questions as they arise and to interact with instructors and classmates exactly as they would in a classroom. The technology even permits the instructor to share desktop applications like Powerpoint or Excel with students during class. There’s also a white board that instructors and students can use to explain concepts. Other distance learning technologies like video-streams, podcasts, discussion boards, and email are used to enhance the educational experience.

· Other part-time programs because students generally enter as a two-year class and learn together through the course of the program. Students are part of virtual classrooms. Although they may come from across the country, they also get together twice during the program. Students can form study groups to discuss class subject matter and meet in virtual study rooms to work together throughout the program.

· Other graduate tax and business law programs because we make it easy for students to participate. Classes are offered online form 5:30 to 7:30 CST. We use technology such as online book ordering, posted course materials, access to electronic research databases, and video/audio streaming to allow students with busy schedules to focus on learning.

Student Life

We do expect a significant amount of time and effort from each student. Most students dedicate about twenty hours a week to their studies, in addition to time in the classroom. Many report that the experience forces them to become efficient in managing their time, and that this is indeed an important skill they develop during the program.

The subject matter and workload of the LL.M. in Tax and Business ProgramS are both challenging. If you enroll in the program, you will have to manage the impact on both your job and your personal life. You can manage the impact on your work by setting clear expectations about your schedule with your supervisor or colleagues and delegating some of your responsibilities. Managing the impact on your personal life often means setting aside blocks of time for individual study and virtual meetings with study groups. Most students find it is possible to maintain an active family life while enrolled in the program.

Summer Program

First, each two-year program begins with a July Orientation session at the Law School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. During this session, students learn how to use relevant technology and have an opportunity to meet professors, staff,and each other. This an opportunity for you to meet your professors and classmates, begin to build the professional relationships that are such an important part of any LL.M. program, and to learn the technology you will be using for the next two years. You will also begin a seminar in Tax Research if enrolled in the tax program and a seminar in Business Planning and Drafting if you are enrolled in the business program.

Then, at the end of the second summer, you will come to the Law School to take a comprehensive exam covering the basic required courses, and to finish the seminars.

Programs at Alabama Law


12 months
  • Program is designed for international law graduates.
  • Tuition is based on current per credit cost for 24 credits.

Distance Learning

24 months
  • Program may be completed in one year.
  • Listed tuition is based at a current per credit cost for 24 credits.
24 months
  • Program may be completed in one year.
  • Listed tuition is based at a current per credit cost for 24 credits.

Dual Degree

German, Chinese
24 months
  • Program delivered in cooperation with Tongji University Shanghai and the University of Konstanz.
  • The master program lasts a maximum of two years and includes a year abroad at Tongji University Shanghai.

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