When looking at this board and all the 'who got in where'-topics it seems that a lot of people posting here end up getting in with Top 20-schools. Is that because only the most motivated people actually research and care enough to write on this board, or is it relatively easy to get into at least one higher-ranked LL.M program because of the 'cash cow'-role LLM's often perform for American universities nowadays? It is hard to get a good view of the exact selectivity of LLM programs, especially the ones outside of the big players as NYU, Yale, etc.

For me personally fe,r I am thinking of applying to Georgia (28th ranked with USNews), Alabama (38th) , Louisiana State (80th). Am I going to struggle getting in to that level of schools, or would it be justified to aim higher?

My credentials are:
- LL.B in Law with very mediocre grades, but followed a lot of extra courses and combined it with a sport on a very high level.
-An LL.M in Law (graduated with distinction, was very close to honors)
-Spent a semester at a US Lawschool as exchange student and passed all the courses there (no GPA awarded I wasn't officiall enrolled).
-Except an internship at a Law firm, no previous work experience.