Hauser Global Scholars Program

Awarding Institution

New York University (NYU) School of Law

Scholarship Award

Full-Tuition + Stipend

The Hauser Global Scholarship is the most prestigious honor awarded to exceptional LLM students. This merit-based scholarship provides full tuition and reasonable living expenses, such as rent, the cost of textbooks, and other study materials.

The Hauser Global Scholars reflect the breadth, diversity, and achievement of NYU School of Law’s graduate student body. Scholars are chosen on the basis of their intellectual and leadership ability and their capacity to participate productively in a global community of scholars and practitioners.

Hauser Global Scholar candidates must be graduates of a law school outside of the United States.

Candidates must apply for entry in Fall 2021 in order to be considered for this scholarship. In addition to completing the application for admission to the full-time LLM program (including a personal statement), candidates must electronically attach to their online application an essay of 500 to 750 words that briefly describes a current legal dilemma, controversy, or issue facing a country, a region, or the world, and suggests a strategy to address the problem.

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