Scholarships for International Students

Awarding Institution

Georgetown University Law Center (GULC)


February 09, 2018

Scholarship Award

Partial Tuition

Georgetown Law awards a small number of partial scholarships to foreign-educated lawyers who apply to the LL.M. Degree Programs.

The COLFUTURO Scholarship is a joint program with the Fundacion para el Futuro de Columbia.  Up to three selected students will receive 33% towards tuition from Georgetown Law and $25,000 from COLFUTURO.

The Guatefuturo Scholarship is a partnership with Fundacion Guatefuturo.  Up to two selected students will receive 50% towards tuition from Georgetown Law and $25,000 from Guatefuturo.

The Shandor Scholarship was established in 2003 to honor the late Ivan Shandor, a 1973 graduate of the Law Center.  It provides partial tuition to to students enrolled in the LL.M. program who meet the following criteria: resident of, or have resided in Ukraine; fluent in Ukranian; demonstrate a desire to promote democracy and uphold the rule of law in Ukraine.

The Kronstein Scholarship was established for Swiss students and is funded by alumni who have been granted the scholarship and have attended Georgetown University.

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