Global Health Law Scholars

Awarding Institution

Georgetown University Law Center (GULC)


February 05, 2021

Scholarship Award

Full- or Partial-Tuition

The Global Health Law Program offers a limited number of Global Health Law scholarships per academic year to students pursuing an LL.M. degree in Global Health Law. Global Health Law Scholars, in addition to the title, will receive full or partial tuition awards.

Applicants will be selected by a committee on the basis of their (1) academic qualifications in the fields of law/ethics and public health, health policy, health economics, bioethics, or other relevant disciplines; (2) public or private sector work experience on global or domestic health law issues; and (3) demonstrated potential for excellence within the field of the global health law. Students’ financial needs may also be considered. Preference is given to full-time students.

To apply for the program, indicate your interest in being considered for the scholarship on your LL.M. application form, and submit a supplemental essay of 500 words (max) on an issue of health law or policy that is of interest to you, along with a statement of your financial need.  The deadline for consideration is February 5, 2021.

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