Top LL.M. Programs for European/EU Law 2017

Top LL.M. Programs for European/EU Law 2017

The European project offers a fascinating case study for international law, looking at how the laws of European Union member states and those of their union intersect. As common EU law increasingly permeates the law of individual member states, with legal integration a common goal, there are ample career opportunities for students doing LL.M. programs in European law. As if this area wasn’t already dynamic enough, the UK’s planned exit from the EU—“Brexit”—has thrown a spanner in the works, and European law scholars are right on the cutting edge, analyzing how European member states will negotiate its legal fallout. Those who pursue LL.M. programs in European law often head towards careers in European institutions – the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the European Central Bank – as well as roles in the commercial realm, in advocacy, management and academia.

Bruges, Belgium 63 Followers 74 Discussions
College of Europe

The College of Europe aims to be fundamentally European, operating with two campuses: one in Bruges, the other in Warsaw. Its LL.M. in European Law balances the economic and constitutional aspects of European law, offering courses in EU institutions, constitutional law, external relations of the EU and competition law in the public sector. Both English and French are used as study languages.

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London, United Kingdom 619 Followers 845 Discussions

Located right in the heart of London and the English-speaking world, King’s College London (KCL) offers an LL.M. in European Law. The program is taught by faculty with solid working experience in EU law who work at the center of current EU developments. KCL is also home to the Centre of European Law which hosts postgraduate research and public events on EU law, and has become the academic reference point for the legal implications of Brexit.

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Maastricht, Netherlands 176 Followers 166 Discussions
Maastricht University

The LL.M. in International and European Tax Law at Maastricht University covers corporate taxation and international tax planning, as well as a broad range of related economic, legal and social topics. Maastricht University’s European Law School also offers a general LL.M. with the opportunity to specialize in either European Law and Market Integration or European Public Law and Governance. The Maastricht Centre for European Law fosters research cooperation between scholars working in European law.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands 246 Followers 137 Discussions

European Private Law has become an increasingly relevant specialization as EU law continues to exert its influence on civil and commercial law across the union. The University of Amsterdam offers a Masters in European Private Law covering contract law, comparative law and current efforts to harmonize European law across the EU. The university’s Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance supports research on how constitutional law is evolving across the EU, and it contributes to international discussion across disciplines, including political science and economics.

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Tilburg, Netherlands 167 Followers 146 Discussions

Tilburg University offers an LL.M. in International and European Law, dealing with the interaction between the laws of each member state and EU law as a whole. The European Union Law track within this LL.M. is for students wishing to specialize in the constitutional foundations of EU law and the European integration process. It includes two sub-tracks: EU Economic and Competition Law and The EU in a Global Legal Context. Tilburg is also home to the European and International Public Law research department, housing European law researchers and hosting public events.

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Utrecht, Netherlands 125 Followers 135 Discussions

Like the other LL.M. programs based in the Netherlands, Utrecht University’s School of Law offers proximity to international legal institutions like the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. Within the school’s LL.M. in European Law, students choose one of two tracks: Criminal Law, which covers European and international criminal law and human rights, or European Law, which delves deeper into judicial protection and enforcement of EU law and European competition law. The Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE) is hosted by the university’s Europa Institute, combining research from across disciplines, including law.

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Cambridge, United Kingdom 562 Followers 666 Discussions

The University of Cambridge’s LL.M. can be undertaken with a specialism in European law. Courses cover EU trade law, constitutional law of the EU and contemporary issues in EU integration law, among others. The Centre for European Legal Studies at Cambridge provides a platform for research and discussion on European Legal Studies. The Centre produces the Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies, which publishes cutting-edge legal research.

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Saarbrücken, Germany 95 Followers 64 Discussions

Saarland University’s Europa-Institut is home to the LL.M. in European and International Law. This program focuses on EU integration of the law, European economic law, foreign trade and investment, international dispute resolution and European human rights protection. Guest professors and lecturers from top EU institutions like the EU Commission, The Council of Europe, the European Parliament and the Courts of Justice join highly qualified lecturers. Students take regular excursions to institutions like these, interacting with EU policymakers.

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San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy 45 Followers 21 Discussions

The European University Institute in Florence is home to a well-regarded, research-oriented LL.M. Program in Comparative, European and International Laws. The program is aimed at students who wish to develop scholarly analyses of the law in an interdisciplinary environment. Students attend courses in European, International and/or Comparative Laws, as well as a seminar in legal research. The program is taught by reputable academics and world-renowned experts regularly hold guest lectures.

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Hamburg, Germany 82 Followers 48 Discussions
Hamburg - EMLE Program

Although not a classical EU law program, the European Master in Law and Economics, or “EMLE,” is taught at seven institutions across the EU, as well as at two international universities. The University of Hamburg offers courses in all three of the program’s semesters, providing students the opportunity to study law and economics right in the heart of Europe. The program combines economics courses with studies of comparative law, and then courses that provide economic analyses of private, public, international law—as well as European law. The nearby Institute for European Integration at the Europa Kolleg Hamburg foundation makes the city an attractive city for scholars of European law to undertake their studies.

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