LL.M. Tuition Equalization Scholarship

Awarding Institution

University of Georgia (UGA) School of Law - Georgia Law

Scholarship Award

Partial Tuition

The University of Georgia School of Law awards a wide variety of partial and full scholarships to members of the entering class based on academic achievement, the potential for the study of law, ability to make significant contributions to the legal field, and a number of other factors as specified by the particular awards. 

These scholarships are a true illustration of the authentic relationships the school maintains with its alumni, alumnae, and friends of the legal community.  Scholarships are primarily funded through endowments or gifts made to help defray the cost of a student’s legal education.  In many cases, students have the opportunity to connect with the donor who funded their particular scholarship, many of whom also become a source of authentic support and guidance.   

More than half of the School of Law students are scholarship recipients.  Merit scholarship awards range from a few thousand dollars to full tuition plus a fellowship or research clerkship.  Scholarships are awarded to accepted applicants after a review of their admission files.  No separate application is necessary.  The School of Law does not award scholarships conditional on law school academic performance; therefore, we do not post an ABA conditional scholarship retention worksheet. Students who plan to borrow to finance all or part of their legal education should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid.

School of Law scholarship opportunities is made possible by generous and impactful gifts to the School of Law.

Each year, the School of Law awards a number of prestigious awards valued at or above full tuition to admitted students.  Examples of these awards include, but are not limited to, the following:

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