Duke LLM Financial Assistance

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Duke University - Duke Law School


February 01, 2025

Scholarship Award


Each year, Duke Law School is able to offer merit- and need-based assistance to highly qualified LLM applicants. Duke Law LLM scholarships include the Judy Horowitz Scholarship, offered to an outstanding student with a demonstrated commitment for public interest from a developing country, the Moskovitz & Stern Scholarship offered to an outstanding student from Israel, and a scholarship to a student with a proven commitment to environmental protection and advocacy. In addition, Duke Law scholarships include general need- and merit-based scholarships.

Candidates who believe their academic and professional backgrounds qualify them to be considered for a Duke Law scholarship must submit a scholarship request letter with their LLM applications.

The scholarship letter should specify the following: (1) whether an applicant expects to receive sponsorship support from an external source such as a governmental agency, employer, foundation, or another third party; (2) what, if any, family and/or personal funds the applicant intends to use to cover their graduate study and living expenses at Duke Law School; (3) the reasons the applicant believes they qualify for financial assistance, merit- or need-based. Reasons could include, for example, an outstanding previous academic record and/or a commitment to a legal career in academia or the public interest. English language ability is also a factor in scholarship consideration.

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