CB Davidson Fund

Awarding Institution

University of Aberdeen - School of Law

Scholarship Award

Up to 2,500 GBP

It provides financial support for graduates in law from outside the UK to study in Aberdeen and for students and graduates of the University of Aberdeen who wish to travel outside of the UK for research purposes. Awards, except in exceptional circumstances, will not exceed £2,500 and in most instances will be less.

Applicants must satisfy one of four criteria:

  • Have applied to study or currently study Law at either research or taught level at the University of Aberdeen
  • Be a current student of the University of Aberdeen studying Law at either research or taught level
  • Be a member of staff from non-UK higher education institution proposing to lecture at the University of Aberdeen
  • Be a member of staff of the University of Aberdeen wishing to study foreign law or legal practice and who has exhausted the possibility of funding from external bodies and Departmental funds

Online programs are excluded from the remit of the Trust.

The closing dates are 31st March and the 30th September each year.

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