Top LL.M. Programs for Health/Medical Law 2017

Top LL.M. Programs for Health/Medical Law 2017

The healthcare field and related industries are huge: globally, at least two trillion dollars are spent each year on healthcare, according to some estimates. The sheer size of the field means that it’s governed by a complex set of laws, protecting patients, doctors, patents on medical devices, and more. The scope also means that LL.M. programs in Health Law and Medical Law can cover a huge array of topics, from contracts to bioethics. Grads who have LL.M.s in Health Law might go on to a variety of different careers, for healthcare providers, medical insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, and more.

Washington, District of Columbia

Taking a decidedly international perspective on health issues, Georgetown offers two specialized LL.M.s in the field: a Global Health Law & International Institutions LL.M. as well as a Global Health LL.M. Hosting the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown produces a range of impressive research in the field. The school is currently ranked in the top ten in US News and World Report’s Best Law Schools for Health Care Law Ranking.

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Manchester, United Kingdom

With the school’s Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, Manchester has positioned itself as a thought leader in the healthcare ethics space. That knowledge and perspective has obviously trickled down into Manchester’s Healthcare Ethics and Law LL.M., which covers cutting-edge issues in bioethics, global health law, and genetics, among others.

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Chicago, Illinois
Loyola University Chicago

Typically placing in the top 10 of the Best Law Schools for Health Care Law Ranking from US News, and hosting the Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy, Loyola University Chicago is established as a strong school in the field. Students can pursue an LL.M. in Health Law, which offers an optional concentration in compliance, and can be completed either on-campus or online.

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Houston, Texas

Established in 1978, UH Law's Health Law & Policy Institute runs workshops and produces relevant research. Students in the school’s Health Law LL.M. can pursue a variety of relevant courses, such as “Biotechnology and the Law,” "Health Privacy," and "Genetics and the Law," among others. The school is currently ranked number three in US News’ Best Law Schools for Health Care Law ranking.

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Toronto, Canada

Where some Health Law LL.M.s take a rather myopic view of the regulatory field, the University of Toronto’s LL.M. concentration in Health Law, Ethics and Policy addresses the wider perspective, with classes like “Human Rights as Global Justice,” and “Mental Health and the Law.” The school’s International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law Program explores how laws around the world impact the reproductive rights of individuals.

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St. Louis, Missouri

SLU Law, which publishes the Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy and hosts the Center for Health Law Studies, is typically ranked highly for health law in various specialty rankings. Graduates of the school’s LL.M. in Health Law have gone on to careers in Baylor Health Care Systems, Genesis Health Systems, and the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services, among other employers.

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Baltimore, Maryland
Maryland - Carey

The school has carved out research niches in various health topics, with research initiatives in Law & Health Care, Health & Homeland Security, and Public Health. The Carey School of Law is currently ranked number two in US News’ Best Law Schools for Health Care Law, and offers an LL.M. concentration in Health Law.

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Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia State (GSU Law)

Georgia State LL.M. students interested in health law can choose from two different specializations: Clinical Law or Health Law. The school also has a substantial health law research output through the Center for Law, Health & Society, which was established in 2004.

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The University of Edinburgh’s LL.M. in Medical Law and Ethics covers a broad range of subjects in medical law, jurisprudence and ethics. The Law School’s faculty publish a healthy amount of research in these fields as well.

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London, United Kingdom

Although the school does not offer an LL.M. in Health Law, it does offer an MA in Medical Law for interested students. KCL also hosts the Centre of Medical Law and Ethics.

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