Upcoming 2016 Summer Law Programs in Legal English and US Law

Pre-LL.M. and other programs focusing on language skills and American law

Update: see LLM GUIDE's 2017 listing of summer law programs here

Below is the 2016 listing of some of the summer programs available to pre-LL.M. students and foreign lawyers looking to improve their legal English and/or to study US law.

Before starting an LL.M., many students whose native language is not English may find it useful to brush up on their English-language skills, especially in a legal context. Likewise, for those US-bound students who are unfamiliar with US Law, a short program covering the basics can help them get up to speed quickly before starting an LL.M.



Washington College of Law - American University

Duke Law

Boston University

UC Davis

Vanderbilt University

University of Washington

Yale University

Edinburgh University

Georgetown University 

Brooklyn Law School




Columbia University

UC Davis

Cornell University 


Kent Law School

Penn Law

Penn State

Ohio State - Moritz College of Law


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