2017 Summer Law Programs: Legal English & US Law

2017 Summer Law Programs: Legal English & US Law

Pre-LL.M. and summer programs on legal language skills and American law

[see LLM GUIDE's 2018 Listing of Summer Law Programs]

Many law school in the US offer pre-LL.M. students the chance to improve their legal English and/or study the basics of US law before beginning an LL.M. program. A few schools in the UK offer this as well.

For students for whom English is not their native language, specific study in legal English can help bring them up to speed for the LL.M. For those who aren’t familiar with US law, a short pre-law program can help them to cover the basics before starting their LL.M. program.




Washington College of Law - American University

Summer English for Lawyers: July 10-27, sign up for 1, 2 or 3 weeks:

  • Basics of the US Legal System and US Legal Analysis, July 10-13
  • US Business Law and Professional Skills, July 17-20
  • Advocacy and Oral Skills, July 24-27

Georgetown University

Boston University


Yale University

UC San Diego

Duke University

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

Vanderbilt University

Edinburgh University

Brooklyn Law School

Georgia State University



Boston University

Columbia University

Oxford University

Oxford Summer Law Schoolruns 5 sessions:

  • Session 1: 2 July – 15 July 2017
  • Session 2: 16 July – 29 July 2017
  • Session 3: 30 July – 12 August 2017
  • Session 4: 13 August – 26 August 2017
  • Session 5: 27 August – 9 September 2017

Yale University

Cambridge University

Washington University

University of Kent

Osgoode Hall Law School

UC Davis

Widener University



Cornell University


Penn Law

Ohio State - Moritz College of Law

George Washington University Law School

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