My bad on the attribution of the quote.

Again, nobody questions that playing around with the language, translations, etc. is fair play. Everybody does. But there is clearly a point where marketing becomes misrepresenting and, yes, cheating.

Why take the cheating at face value and as the starting point? Because:
1. that was the original question, and
2. otherwise there is nothing to talk about... :)

All the best!

I mean you just gave the best example of what I was talking about;) u said that I said something, I actually didn't...and that is where I trust the admission comittee. They do this for a longtime and have a certain amount of experience. Many of them are lawyers and used to work for law firms. They are aware of backgrounds and cultural differences. Of course, sometimes somebody slips through the system. But that's life...don't try to get mad but stay focused and go on with doing whatever is you think you are good at...