Hello, I am new here and appreciate all the useful information!

I hope this isn't too specific to me but I am a current 3L and am trying to figure out my post-law school plans and am curious how much time/energy I should be putting into my various options.

So my stat: undergrad finance degree, 3L at top 20-30 school in the midwest. Current GPA 3.43 (will probably be closer to 3.5 by the end of the semester. Had a rough 1L but been doing well since). Editor on a secondary corporate journal. Summer experience in public/government work. I have some really solid recommendations and one of my papers was nominated for an award.

So my question is would it be worth pursuing an LLM in tax at Georgetown or NYU? I would love to work in either area and really enjoy tax. I got a full ride to law school so money isn't a huge deal. Id love to do either program if I could get in but Im just not sure if it would be a long shot.

Any insight is welcome. I really appreciate it! Thank you!