I do agree with Kosta. For purposes of full disclosure, I also did my LLM at Swansea and I now hold a very good job in a maritime law firm, which I would not have been offered without my Swansea LLM. Teaching was practical and enabled me to see how the industry works. Talking to employers, I can see how much thay respect the Swansea LLm degrees and that they prefer Swansea graduates because they are very well pepared. And it is not only the lecturers and the modules which make Swansea distinct. It is also the overall experience and the extra-curricular activities, such as mooting training, networking events, guest lectures, visits to London that give you an all rounded educational experience.
If I had to chose again, I would opt in for Swansea as it has been a milestone to my professional career, as well as personal development!