Hi everyone,

I have been thinking about applying for some LLM in the US for September 2020 for more than one year now.
I am in first year of master’s degree in international business law. I am not an excellent student. I got average grade most of the times and even one year I failed. But this year went quite well and I got good grade, and I am even in the top third of the class. I also have three internships in law firms in Paris (two months) London (2 months) and in Asia for five months.
I also worked three months one day per week during my studies as a legal assistant in an other law firm.
I do have several volunteer experiences in my resume as well.
I was wondering if I had serious chances to get one LLM in the US. I am not going to ask the dream ones as Columbia, Harvard or Stanford, but I was thinking about trying NYU and like Fordham for example.
Does anyone has this kind of average profile and got something interesting about this or is it hopeless ?
Also should I include the grades of the year that I failed in the transcripts they ask ?
Is it too early to start collecting the different documents they ask ?

Thanks a lot

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