Hello Everyone,

I would appreciate a few replies to my queries below.

1. If some one is a Lawyer in India, under which Immigration Category can the person immigrate to Canada?

2. If the person immigrates in Canada experience Class, one needs either 1 yr of study and 2 yr of work experience or 2 yr of study and 1 yr of work experience in Canada. If a person comes for a 1 yr LLM study program, one gets a 1 yr post graduate work permit which cannot be extended? So what are the options? Do another certificate?

3. Also, the above process is for immigration. The NCA process is different. Any idea how many NCA exams an Indian Lawyer has to give and how long it takes? How difficult are they?

So, basically how long will a person take to become a permanent resident and qualified to work in Canada?

After that, what kind of jobs can a person get?

Look forward to replies. Thanks.