i am 19, from germany and i am looking for the right english speaking university to make my undergraduate llb.
i applied to the following european universities:
maastricht, nl
tallinn, estonia
wroclaw, poland

should you start working after graduating from your llb or should you do an llm immediatly after instead ?

2. what does matter more - grades or reputation ?
how should i choose my university ?
-go to maastricht, which has very good reputation, have a hard study time, maybe not very good grades, but a very good training
-go to estonia or poland where the unis dont have a reputation as good as the one from maastricht and get very good grades (if education is easy, which i dont know)

is it better to do an easy bachelor at a low reputation university to have better chances for getting into an llm programme in a top law school in europe (or us) ?

3. is there any chance to work in a private chancellery that is not specialized in business law ? so, with an llb or llm, can you work for something that is not a governmental european organisation nor a private business law chancellery ?