Hi, I got admitted by both, and would appreciate some input from people who may have some knowledge of and insight into any or both of these two programmes.
I have years of experience in corporate law but my knowledge of IP/IT is limited to transactions i was involve in relating to the area, minimal.

My furture plan is to get into area relating to IT, as it's the an area discussions are happening in where I am from, China.

Pros and Cons of the two programmes as far as I understand
pros: very lively, edge-cutting, interdisciplinary,
cons: for someone like me who has little background in IT/IP, may be too overwhelming? (through the programme interviewer gave me positive feedback on my interview)
campus is not the most attractive but I heard it does not matter too much?

pros: should expect curriculam to lay a decent ground for me, good things about teaching in IP courses
cons: 50% curriculum on IP law, not too much emphasis on new techs
away from job market
alum commented on chaotic organization