I have a few questions with regards to an LLM degree from Canada

Firstly, where shall I get my LLM degree from within Canada i.e. a) Oosgoode School of Law b) McGill or c) University of Toronto? It would also be essential to note here that I would intend to specialize in Intellectual Property Law.
Secondly, I am looking forward to settling down in Canada, thus what types of examinations would I be required to give?
Thirdly, would an LLM specialized in Intellectual Property law be a good course to study with the ultimate objective of settling down in Canada?
Fourthly, should I apply for the status of a PR prior to my LLM application?
Fifth, I have completed my 5 year law course from India, is it of any relevance or would I have to start from scratch in Canada?
Lastly, I have about one and a half years of work experience in India.

Thank- you, all answers/ guidance would be appreciated.

[Edited by shantanu kulkarni on Sep 08, 2018]