Dear SLW9K,

I guess your first consideration would be to find out what courses you might need to do to get admitted in Australia.

Each of the states and territories has slightly different criteria. You might contact the Legal Practitioner's Admission Board in NSW to see what your requirement's are if you are in NSW.

Then you would need to work out your funding; can you get free education or doyou need to pay.

Then it is my view that you seek out a good Master's Course and proceed from there. I prefer correspondence courses as it allows me to have a life and manage my study time more effectively. Universities such as UNE QUT SCU have well recognised distance programs. They would likely (?) allow a combination of Masters subjects in satisfaction of the admissions board requirements for you

You will probably require the practical course to be admitted therefore you could approach universities that offer that course. My preferred uni in that respect is ANU because it allows an option where you only need 20 days experience to complete the practical element as opposed to 80 days. It may be an option to complete the admissions board subjects in this uni as well.

If you're really really keen you might seek out a Doctorate of Juridical Science on completion or partial completion of your masters. Have a look at ANU QUT and LaTrobe universities etc.

Judge Mentday