Dear Students,

My name is Aaron Ghirardelli. I am a faculty member at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles and the Director of the LLM program.

We have recently developed a series of video presentations providing helpful information on the LLM degree. We have shared these videos with our prospective students, and I wanted to share these videos with you all as well. I have been an LLM student myself some years ago (too many!) and I remember the hours spent here on LLM-Guide, searching for information on the LLM degree. I hope these videos will be helpful to you.

Part 1: What is an LLM Degree

Part 2: How to create a successful LLM application

Part 3: The Bar Exam in the United States

Part 4: Watch a real law school class. Professor Simona Grossi teaches Civil Procedure

For this final part, first download the reading assignment and review it. You can download it from here: . Then watch the class here:

Feel free to contact me here on LLM-Guide if you have any question.

Enjoy the videos!