Does anyone have a sufficient mathematical background that they can determine the projected median grade with NYU's grading curve? The curve is as follows:

A+: 0-2% (target = 1%) (mandatory cap*)
A: 7-13% (target = 10%)
A-:16-24% (target = 20%)
Maximum for A tier = 31%
B+: 22-30% (target = 26%)
Maximum grades above B = 57%
B: remainder
B-:4-11% (target 7-8%)
C/D/F: 0-5%

Seven percent of the B+s are below the median and 19% are above it. Therefore, the median B+ (3.33) is about 56th percentile. The A+ would likely roughly cancel out the C/D/F, the B- range would roughly equal and cancel out the A range, and the B range would roughly equal and cancel out the A- range (although there are more more Bs about 33% Bs compared to 20% A-). Therefore, a B+ (3.33) average should be something above the 56 percentile (maybe top 40%) and the median would be about a 3.25.

Any thoughts?