I am thinking about trying to get into a school in the United States to take a LLM in IP law. I am however very unsure what it takes to make it get into a IVY league school (or something equivalent). Is it actually as hard? (I believe I want to go to George W Law school, not a IVY league school, but i am of course interested in knowing how hard it is, regardless of the fact that I might not end up attending when all is said and done)

I dont really have great grades from my home country. We grade a bit differently from the states (to get an A is very rare), but I would say I am around top 30-35 % of my school. I have had a lot of internships and stuff like that which would seem interested- really just lucked out when I got many of them. But dont everybody these days?

So, I mean.. Is it just silly for me to be thinking about schools like Cornell, Berkeley (yeah, I know, not a IVY) etc?

And perhaps I cant get into George Washington Law either?

I know its hard to help here, but any thoughts on the subject would be interesting