Hello everybody,

I'm a Turkish lawyer-to-be (I’ll obtain my licence in November) planning on applying for the general LL.M. programs at the T14 law schools for the 2020-2021 LLM year; in particular, Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Michigan, Berkeley, Northwestern, Georgetown + UCLA (even though not included in the T14). I want to specialise in international human rights law, and to work in international organisations and/or NGOs in the US.

My credentials are as follows:
# I have graduated cum laude from a reputable law school in Turkey in 2017.
# I have completed my LL.M. in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the University of Essex with merit in 2019.
# I have participated in a couple of projects during my LL.M.
# I worked as an intern lawyer for a year in Turkey (in two different law firms).
# I was chosen to represent intern lawyers in Istanbul at the Istanbul Bar Association (so I was a member of the Executive Board of the Istanbul Bar Association).
# I am a member of the Human Rights Centre of the Istanbul Bar Association where I actively participate in the drafting process of the reports submitted at both national and international levels, also in ongoing projects.
# I have written articles, but they have been published under someone else’s name (unfortunately, system of hierarchy).

Based on the information given about, I would appreciate your opinion on the following:
1) Do you think there is a chance of me being admitted to the LL.M. programs of the T14 law schools?
2. Would have a chance of obtaining scholarships at any of those schools?
3. Are there any other law schools that I should consider applying based on my particular area of interest (international human rights law)?

Thank you very much!