Last year, I applied for UC Hastings, UCLA, Georgetown, George Washington and the University of Hawaii, getting admitted in all except UCLA. Due to my visa being issued late I had to defer for next year.(I opted UC Hastings as it allowed me to transfer my LLM my JD without taking LSAT).
Now I want to reapply for a better law schools, ranking above 40 which allows me transferring to JD without LSAT. Can anybody help me to chose best ones?

BTW, it's my situation:
-Bachelors of Law, from Tehran University (Iran's top law school), GPA of 3.4
-Masters of international trade law, GPA of 3.5
-102 TOEFL iBT score
-Language skills: Persian/Farsi (native), English, French and Arabic
-I sent 2 recomms, have one year work experience in legal division of a ministry