Hi fellow LLMers,

As most of you on here, I've come here with a question and some need for advice. I have been accepted onto the LLM programme in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice at SOAS and am waiting for a reply from LSE for the MSc in Human Rights. If I don't get in, then my decision is made for me but the potential decision is making me a bit nervous. I originally wanted to apply for the LLM programme at LSE but the course closed before my second referee had uploaded her reference.

So my question: what is more prestigious, an LLM from SOAS or an MSc from LSE? The SOAS course is very attractive due to the possibility of veering the course towards a Middle Eastern focus and being able to take up Arabic, but the MSc at LSE is enticing too, as it offers a very broad range of courses and just has a better reputation. I'm living in Germany at the moment and have realised how unknown SOAS is in continental Europe.

I don't plan to become a Human Rights Lawyer but want to work in the field of Refugee Law.

Would be very grateful for any advice!

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