Mombastic, I came top 3 but if you came top 2%, that must be pretty close. I'm very surprised that you didn't get an offer from Cambridge. Do you have any idea why that might be such as poor references or a rushed application?

I was puzzled as well - and my referees too. No, definitely I did not. I had very good references (and when I put an adjective I usually mean it), the CV was flowing OK and the application was not rushed at all. I do remember instead that I had some issues with the two questions because they overlapped, but I ensured that they would not pose any issues in the end. I don't get what went wrong...

I hope that my app for the BCL will go fine, but Cambridge discouraged me + the competition for Oxford is more fierce as far as I am aware of. Whatever, we shall wait and see :)

P.S.: Congrats for Cambridge :)

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