Hello. I'm in high school right now and about to apply to undergraduate colleges in Europe. I am currently living in Asia and am an EU national, but since I do not meet the residency requirement to attend any UK university at a Home/EU tuition fee, I must consider options outside of the UK. Consequently, I discovered the PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law & Economics) programme at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). For the first year you study all four areas, then the final two years of your bachelors degree you choose one (in this case, Law). My question is if I were to complete an undergraduate degree in Law from the UvA, apply to the UK for an LLM programme, (hypothetically) be accepted and complete that, then (hypothetically) pass my Bar Vocational Course (BVC), would I be able to practice Law in the United Kingdom or would I be restricted to the Netherlands? Thank you.